Turned By The Brat

Professor Rogers can’t stay out of his step-daughter’s panty drawer. He leads a secret life as cross-dressing sissy and steals her clothes for his perverted desires.

Kendra is a college sophomore, a cheapskate party girl living at home. Her slutty outfits earn her the nickname The Brat, but if she ever catches him wearing her clothes, things will heat up fast.

Can he hide his shameful secret-or will he be turned by the Brat?

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From Juan to Juanita

Sissy_Sides_01E_400x638Sissy Sides is back! The second installment in this popular series of transformation erotica returns to the United States, with the inspiring tale of young Juan–or Juanita, as he’d rather be called.

Juan wants to be feminine, so when he discovers a club that will make him a sissy he eagerly applies. Now he’s waiting for the transgendered mistress whose strict instructions can transform him into Juanita. Will he past the test?

This epic journey describes Juan’s transformation into Juanita, from her first experience with a fellow sissy to her evaluation by her demanding mistress. Is this new sissy primed and ready to be broken in by her mistress?

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From Thomas to Thérèse

FromTtoTHello everyone!

A new release from me in the last couple days, called From Thomas to Thérèse: A journey of transformation and submission.

This is my story involving feminization or cross-dressing rather than transsexuals. From the Amazon.com blurb:

After Thomas admits his wish to become a woman, his roommate Adelaide directs his transformation and feminization, a journey that ends with the shy university student turning into Thérèse: a submissive sissy eager to serve the dominant masters and mistresses of an exclusive private club.

This 10,000 word journey is told from the point-of-view of Thérèse, from nervous first tries at cross-dressing to increasingly naughty acts with Adelaide and others until a final state of total, blissful submission is reached.

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