Sissy Maid: Serving Mistress

He’s a college guy with a secret interest in women’s panties. She’s a blonde, athletic Aussie with a yacht that needs a boat-sitter.

He agrees to mind her yacht while she’s gone. It’s the perfect chance to relax. Nobody warned him he’d find her underwear drawer. Nobody warned him he’d find a pretty maid outfit all laid out, waiting to be tried on. He’s never done that before.

Can he resist the temptation to try on her things? And what happens if she catches him in the act?

Sissy Maid: Serving Mistress is an 11,000-word fantasy of sissification and feminization, a slow burn that goes from experimentation to initiation to full-scale submission. Strap in for a pleasure cruise but be warned, kinky waters ahead!


Sissy Secretary

Wanted: Sissy Secretary
Duties: Filing, serving coffee, and taking dictation
Dress code: Short skirt, no panties

James is an inadequate male, but he’s not gay, is he? So why does billionaire lawyer Richard Johnson III make his heart pound–why does he crave attention from the alpha male?

After he fails to impress, Richard gives James a classified ad for his firm–they’re hiring a sissy secretary! The ad triggers a powerful response in James, waking the power bottom within.

James rushes to the Rosebottom Academy for a total sissy makeover. It’s a crash course in feminization, sissification and bisexual submission. But will Jamie nail the job interview–or will the men giving the interview nail him?

This is a 13,000 word novelette of intense transformation so real you’d swear you were getting spanked!

Gender Genie: A Transgender Fairy-Tale

Hot on the heels of my second bundle and freebie, here is my first gender-swap story, starring Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie–because if people are magically swapping genders, a Gender-Swap Genie is probably involved!

Here’s the Amazon blurb; an excerpt comes after the jump!

Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie travels the land in her magic lamp, transforming bland marriages with her gender-swap magic. Today’s targets: Michael and Laura, the definition of dull.

On the surface, Michael is a tense, task-oriented engineer. But in his favorite online game, he plays a sexy elven sorceress. So he’s thrilled when the genie transforms him into blonde and busty Mikaela, with all her kinky curves and pointed ears. But is he ready to go all the way to get his feminine desires completely fulfilled?

Meanwhile Michael’s wife Laura is an anxious shut-in. But the minute she becomes male, she celebrates by running off to a trashy truck-stop to get in on some adult theater action! Her new transgender girlfriend shows her how to go for the glory. Just how far will she go now that she is a he?

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Futa Bundle

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my first ever bundle, the Futa Bundle! This collection contains four previously published works listed below, for a total of more than 50,000 words! That’s a novel-length collection.

It’s all hentai, all the time…with the kinkiest stories not made in Japan!

This is the full package in futanari erotica. FOUR complete novelettes based on AUTHENTIC futanari inspired by Japanese hentai manga!

FUTA BUNDLE delivers more than 50,000 words—a novel length collection!
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From Juan to Juanita

Sissy_Sides_01E_400x638Sissy Sides is back! The second installment in this popular series of transformation erotica returns to the United States, with the inspiring tale of young Juan–or Juanita, as he’d rather be called.

Juan wants to be feminine, so when he discovers a club that will make him a sissy he eagerly applies. Now he’s waiting for the transgendered mistress whose strict instructions can transform him into Juanita. Will he past the test?

This epic journey describes Juan’s transformation into Juanita, from her first experience with a fellow sissy to her evaluation by her demanding mistress. Is this new sissy primed and ready to be broken in by her mistress?

Free excerpt after the jump.

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Futa Pop


Futa Pop has been released!

This is another male transforms into futanari story and it came out well! It’s also about 12,000 words long and while somewhat similar to Futa Choice the sex scenes, characters, and plot are quite different.

For starters, Hikaru is trying to be a pop idol. He’s focused on his music. Only when he fails, his record label gives him a choice: become the world’s first futanari Jpop idol, or seek other employment.

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Futa Choice

futa_choice_v01_400x638I’ve written yet another filthy, filthy story.

This one is called Futa Choice and it is set in the same story world as Project Futanarion–in the Neo-Tokyo of the near future, when an absolutely insane scheme to bring futanari into every bedroom is well underway.

Unlike the first story in this series (it’s becoming a series, with the sad name of “Futa Series”), this one is focused on a male POV character–male at least, until he transforms into a sex-crazed, semi-hermaphroditic futanari!

From the blurb:

Life is tough in Neo-Tokyo. Haruto’s a decent guy but he’s broke, living in a sleeping tube and willing to try anything. One day he sees an ad for Project Futanarion–an amazing program that transforms ordinary people into beautiful, desirable full-package futanaris and joins them to married couples!

This 12,000-word erotic epic follows Hiro’s desperate application to the program, his remarkable transformation into a filthy new body, and his nerve-wracking intimate evaluation as he seeks his new husband and wife!

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