Futadom: One Night in Neo-Tokyo

Welcome to Neo-Tokyo: flying cars, weird robots, and filthy futanari dommes.

Gaku’s an impoverished Japanese salaryman with one bright spot in his life. Every night, he watches is favorite futa dommes performing in Futa Juice, an exotic, erotic strip club. But this time, he’s early. Mistress Miwa’s waiting for him with an offer he can’t refuse…

Join in on this fast, filthy, futanari romp involving feminization and total worship of the thick tops and juicy extras of strict futanari mistresses!




“You can leave your clothes on if you want, Rico. I just need your mouth.”

Rico is hitchhiking in northern California when he’s picked up a tough leather mama on a fearsome road hog. Turns out she’s a porn star—and not just any porn star. She’s the transgender superstar Tasha Sunshine, famous for feminizing and sissifying her fans. She’s happy to give Rico a ride—for a price.

Sissy Rider is a 9,000-word erotic epic of emasculation, sissification, and transdom fantasies fulfilled. Forget the high heels, this princess wears biker boots!

Comment: The sissy stories are back!