Trans Day of Visibility & Candy’s Halloween

Today is Trans Day of Visibility—#TDOV—which is kind of a big deal in the Trans community, for obvious reasons. The flag on the post header is the Trans flag by the way, which a lot of people don’t recognize as they’re more used to the Rainbow flag of the Pride community, so perhaps you’ve learned some new sexual vexillology today.

Anyhow, there are far wiser people than I talking about the overall visibility thing and why it’s important. Instead I’ll talk about something I know at least a little bit about, which is written, commercial Erotica. First of all, it’s good that Amazon’s Kindle even has a section for LGBT erotica and even goes so far as to include a Transgender subcategory in the LGBT category. So give ‘em credit for that.

But what do we find in there? On a day when we’re talking about Transgender Visibility, it’s kind of sad to navigate to:
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