I Love My Transgender Lesbian Librarian

Meet Jessica, a transgendered woman with an ample frame. She works in the library. She loves reading Victorian erotica in the library. She furtively masturbates in the library. She fantasizes about being dominated by Anne, her strict, lesbian supervisor—in the library.

Enter Kayane: college sophomore. Japanese exchange student. Self-described futa. Aspiring domme. Things are about to heat up in the library and even Jessica doesn’t know what’s on the next page.



“There’s been a sissy inside your whole life. It’s time to let her come out and play.”

SISSY PACK bundles four complete novelettes of sissification, delivering more than 50,000 words—a novel length collection!

Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from random authors together with no connection or quality control.

Not SISSY PACK! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes…

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UFO Sex: My Galactic Mistress

My latest story–and my first pure Femdom story, of women domming males–is now released. It’s called FEMDOM FUTURE: UFO Sex: My Galactic Mistress, although you can disregard the “Femdom Future” part if you want, that’s the series title.

Here’s the Zon blurb:

“Men of Earth, I bring a message of submission to your Galactic Mistress.”

Lars is driving on a lonely highway when he is chased by a UFO. Fear turns to desire after he meets the occupant, a dominant extraterrestrial woman, who offers him galactic submission and sexual bliss.

Now Lars must choose between the life he’s known or his galactic mistress–and her implements of pleasure and pain.

Excerpt after the jump!

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Spunk Rocker

spunk_rocker_v01_400x638Hello everyone, Spunk Rocker is out! It’s a torrid tale of transgender fun and someone discovers the joy of bdsm!

Kelly, Candy, and friends return in another soaking wet tale of college days. It seems our fearsome foursome have been kicked out of the dorms for having too much sex and are set up nicely in a rented house of their own.

However Kelly’s got a problem, a lot of pent-up frustration, and having sex with all three of her roommates, one after the other, doesn’t quite scratch the itch. What’s a spunk rocker to do ?

Kelly’s frustrated. She’s transgender and enjoys sex, but she wants more but doesn’t know what. So when she visits a sex therapist, she discovers kinky medical play and enjoys some full-contact therapy.

But when dominant Doctor Mallory brings her big, beautiful body into the picture, she initiates Kelly into the world of power exchange, grooming her as a ruler over the desires of others.

Excerpt after the jump.

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I Want My Transgender Nurse

trans_nurse_400x638I want my transgender nurse, because the doctor is a kinky lesbian. That’s happened to you, right? Of course it has. It’s happened to everyone. It’s a totally common thing.

There you are, at the doctor’s office, trying your best to seduce the cute nurse. You’re wearing your shortest skirt, and you’re not even wearing panties. She’s just so shy though, she doesn’t seem to get it. You know she wants you though, because she always blushes and giggles. So what could be wrong?

You go into the examination room, remove all of your clothing. She weighs you and measures you, and oh my…

This story features lots of lesbian and transgender sex. So you better like that!

Excerpt after the jump.

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From Juan to Juanita

Sissy_Sides_01E_400x638Sissy Sides is back! The second installment in this popular series of transformation erotica returns to the United States, with the inspiring tale of young Juan–or Juanita, as he’d rather be called.

Juan wants to be feminine, so when he discovers a club that will make him a sissy he eagerly applies. Now he’s waiting for the transgendered mistress whose strict instructions can transform him into Juanita. Will he past the test?

This epic journey describes Juan’s transformation into Juanita, from her first experience with a fellow sissy to her evaluation by her demanding mistress. Is this new sissy primed and ready to be broken in by her mistress?

Free excerpt after the jump.

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From Thomas to Thérèse

FromTtoTHello everyone!

A new release from me in the last couple days, called From Thomas to Thérèse: A journey of transformation and submission.

This is my story involving feminization or cross-dressing rather than transsexuals. From the Amazon.com blurb:

After Thomas admits his wish to become a woman, his roommate Adelaide directs his transformation and feminization, a journey that ends with the shy university student turning into Thérèse: a submissive sissy eager to serve the dominant masters and mistresses of an exclusive private club.

This 10,000 word journey is told from the point-of-view of Thérèse, from nervous first tries at cross-dressing to increasingly naughty acts with Adelaide and others until a final state of total, blissful submission is reached.

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