Princess With a FREE Hand

The Victorian Era remains known for its sexual repression. But in a way, that only makes things that went on behind closed doors all the kinkier. Most historians now agree that Victorian women with attractive maids at their beck and call engaged in covert Lesbian games at every opportunity. Behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own quarters, bodices were unlaced, knickers removed, bottoms turned upward, and the spankings commenced.

Theologians thundered from their pulpits against the sins of Gomorrah. Members of Parliament invectified against Moral Decay. All to no avail. Once them men vanished on their ships to Parts Unknown, the Victorian Women retired to their parlors and the Sapphic bacchanal would begin.

And if the Lesbian in question happened to be of royal blood, such as Princess Gretchen of Courbourg, a woman better known as the Princess With a Firm Hand, then such a woman could engage in her Lesbian games almost openly.

As for those darling chambermaids, if one of them had Lesbian desires suppressed beneath her bodice, only to have them discovered and awakened by a mistress such as Princess Gretchen, it was a delight not to be missed, an excursion into an erotic wonderland, and this young diarist attests:

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Princess With a Firm Hand

firmhandDo you ever find yourself in need of a firm hand to keep you on track? One with ample freedom to correct you across your posterior?

Rose certainly does. She is a humble chambermaid in Regency England, serving on a small estate in the Kentish countryside, when the remarkable Princess Gretchen walks into her life and takes a firm hand with her future.

Princess With a Firm Hand is a 7,500 word ‘Sapphic Scorcher’ — an extended journey into erotic realms of spanking and every other naughty a pair of naughty women can do to or with a delectable derriere.

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