Candy: A Steamy Transgender Romance

He doesn’t know he’s falling for a TG gal.

Roger is a popular, good-looking guy going through his first year of college. So when his frat brothers set him up on a blind date, everything’s cool, right?

Little does he know they’ve set him up with Candy, a fun, attractive gal who happens to be transgender. He doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. It’s all a cruel prank by his frat. But he finds himself attracted to her, even caring for her. Now what?

Candy: A Transgender Romance is a steamy six-thousand word transgender romance with a guy who falls for a transgender gal without knowing who she is. What would you do?

CANDY: A Steamy Transgender Romance – OUT NOW!

Transform Me Tonight

A Steamy Transgender Romance: The first time he becomes a she—for a strict TG.

Meet Harlan. He’s your typical straight, beer-drinking frat guy. Only he’s got a secret. Every Thursday night, he sneaks down to the local burlesque show to admire the transgender dancers.

One in particular, the strict and domineering Ms. Kelly, has caught his eye. And he seems to have caught her attention, too. But how far does he dare take this transgressive relationship? And what happens if his frat brothers show up at the club–just as a joke? He and Kelly need to come up with a disguise, fast. Wait, why is she pulling out a wig and dress?

And why does he like that idea so much?

Transform Me Tonight is a steamy, six-thousand word transgender romance about what happens when you fall in love with a transgender dancer and discover the depths of your own desires.

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Tammy: A Steamy Transgender Romance

His first time with the third sex.

Josh is your average college guy. He likes football, beer, and books about war. And when his buddy Tommy needs a place to crash, he’s happy to oblige.

Except Tommy never shows up. Instead, there’s a hot blonde named Tammy at the door. But she looks familiar. And she claims to be his old friend…

What has Josh gotten himself into—and why is his body reacting that way around her? Even when he sees the surprise between her thighs?

Tammy: A Transgender Romance is a steamy six-thousand word transgender romance about what happens when your best friend becomes a woman, moves in with you, and you can’t keep your eyes off her. How far would you go?


The Secret of Her Panties: Guy meets gal in an erotic, transgender romance.

Tyler’s a manly college dude who’s got the hots for Kayane. She’s a cute and quirky Japanese exchange student keeping a secret in her panties. They like each other, so what’s the problem? Sometimes you got to let it all hang out.

When Tyler finds out his new girlfriend’s transgendered, he enters a new world of erotic discovery. But what about his frat brothers, the straightest fraternity on campus? Can Tyler keep his new girlfriend under wraps, or is everything about to blow?

The Secret of Her Panties – the secret’s out now!

Comment: I expanded this story from a single scene draft I had lying around, adding the tension with the fraternity and some other characters from Jefferson Pacific University to round out the scene. There’s tons of sex, but Tyler and Kayane’s romance is sweet too.

Sissy Camp

The Kella Z. Driel erotica machine has released its latest opus, a 17,750 word journey into sissydom called lovingly enough, “SISSY CAMP: Bisexual sissification–Come out and play!

“There’s been a sissy inside your whole life. It’s time to let her come out and play.”

Vincent’s a regular college guy with a secret crush on his roommate Tommy Touchdown. Unfortunately, his Masculinity Scores are so low, his big, beautiful doctor sends him to Sissy Camp.

At camp, Vincent breaks out of his shell and becomes Violetta! He wears a silly, frilly dress while cleaning, shopping, and carrying out other activities that are safe and appropriate for sissies…and many activities that are most, most inappropriate!

But what happens when Violetta runs into Tommy again? Will her naughty bedroom lessons and new sissy looks be enough to catch her dream guy?

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