Spunk Rocker

spunk_rocker_v01_400x638Hello everyone, Spunk Rocker is out! It’s a torrid tale of transgender fun and someone discovers the joy of bdsm!

Kelly, Candy, and friends return in another soaking wet tale of college days. It seems our fearsome foursome have been kicked out of the dorms for having too much sex and are set up nicely in a rented house of their own.

However Kelly’s got a problem, a lot of pent-up frustration, and having sex with all three of her roommates, one after the other, doesn’t quite scratch the itch. What’s a spunk rocker to do ?

Kelly’s frustrated. She’s transgender and enjoys sex, but she wants more but doesn’t know what. So when she visits a sex therapist, she discovers kinky medical play and enjoys some full-contact therapy.

But when dominant Doctor Mallory brings her big, beautiful body into the picture, she initiates Kelly into the world of power exchange, grooming her as a ruler over the desires of others.

Excerpt after the jump.

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Candy’s Halloween

“How can anybody named Candy hate Halloween?”

“Um hello? The bad jokes started days ago,” Candy answered, lifting her legs to let her friend scoot beneath. “This weekend, they’ll reach a thundering climax!”

Kelly laughed and smacked her ass through the light cotton skirt. “I’ll give you a thundering climax.”

I wrote the first draft of this story late last year, when I was still considering becoming an erotica writer but maybe not putting the time or effort into it because the mechanics of the publishing process intimidated me. But once I got up and running, this was one of the funnest stories to fix up, finish off, and send out into the world.

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