My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now!

Alice is a college freshman, majoring in Erotica. But when her Lesbian girlfriend decides to become a futa, Alice isn’t sure that’s a good idea!

The two embark on a throbbing journey of mutual pleasure, full of hard passion, naughty witchcraft, dirty discoveries, and lots and lots of stained lingerie!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now! is a 6,500-word light-hearted erotic romp, featuring futa-on-female, oral, threesomes, menage, group fun and more!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now – OUT TODAY!

Comment: Ugh, KDP’s new interface is causing all kinds of problems. I enrolled this book in Kindle Unlimited but somehow it decided it didn’t want to be in there. And there’s a broken tag in the description. Publisher info missing. And the always exciting midnight marketing opportunity…

I enrolled it again. We shall see. UPDATE: YAY! It is know KU-able. Which is totally do-able.

Anyhow, this is a fun story that picks up where My Futa Girlfriend Wears a Short Skirt and No Panties left off. The plot thickens, you might say.

Raining Blood


Asushunamir, the savior of Inanna

It’s here! First bite, lick my lips, the eternal dark embrace… Blood in the Rain 2 officially launched this week and my first anthologized print erotica story is now out there to be enjoyed by a much, much wider world!

I’m also pleased to say the editors chose to put my story first in the anthology, meaning it’s what you see when you click on the preview and the “Look Inside!” option and want to get a glimpse of the type of writing you’ll get within.

I don’t have my physical copy of the book yet so I don’t know how many of the stories are transgender erotica versus lesbian, gay, or straight erotica, so it’s particularly exciting to have my transgender vampire erotica as the ‘tease’ if you will.

They did a superior job in copy-editing and layout compared to what I can muster on my own, but I’m going to quote a tiny passage from my final submitted manuscript because that is what I have.

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Be My Lesbian Tonight

Janicka has a lesbian crush on her college roommate, Ariel. But she’s too deep in the closet to do anything about it. They’re best friends forever, they’re rushing the sororities together, but then one night…

Tonight they’re rushing the notorious Sigma house, wearing only lingerie, as directed. This sorority boasts the best-looking women on campus. It’s also notorious for kinky parties and sexual hazing rituals. Are Ariel and Janicka ready to do whatever it takes?

Just how far will they go? Find out in Be My Lesbian Tonight!

Be My Lesbian Tonight — OUT TODAY!

Comment: Inexplicable, random Amazon ‘adult filter’ hits again!

Undercover F.U.T.A.: From Neo-Tokyo With Love

Linh is a spy. She is a talented spy. With the right computer implants, she can work undercover almost anywhere. She’s part of an all-star team of lesbians, equipped with weapons of mass seduction, experts at honeypot stings.

But when Linh’s boss puts her on a plane to Neo-Tokyo, Linh’s skills are stretched to the limit. Her orders are to infiltrate the Nakagami Institute for Futanari Research—and steal Japan’s amazing yet secretive and absolutely filthy futanari technology!

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Princess With a FREE Hand

The Victorian Era remains known for its sexual repression. But in a way, that only makes things that went on behind closed doors all the kinkier. Most historians now agree that Victorian women with attractive maids at their beck and call engaged in covert Lesbian games at every opportunity. Behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own quarters, bodices were unlaced, knickers removed, bottoms turned upward, and the spankings commenced.

Theologians thundered from their pulpits against the sins of Gomorrah. Members of Parliament invectified against Moral Decay. All to no avail. Once them men vanished on their ships to Parts Unknown, the Victorian Women retired to their parlors and the Sapphic bacchanal would begin.

And if the Lesbian in question happened to be of royal blood, such as Princess Gretchen of Courbourg, a woman better known as the Princess With a Firm Hand, then such a woman could engage in her Lesbian games almost openly.

As for those darling chambermaids, if one of them had Lesbian desires suppressed beneath her bodice, only to have them discovered and awakened by a mistress such as Princess Gretchen, it was a delight not to be missed, an excursion into an erotic wonderland, and this young diarist attests:

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Bunker 69: Futa on Female Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Three hundred years ago, nuclear warfare ended it all. For astronaut Jill Killderry, her return to Earth has been an endless nightmare. Day after day, she fights for survival against bandits, radioactive zombies, and worse. Then one day she hears a mysterious radio signal from Bunker 69…

The women in this subterranean bunker have a problem. A big, growing problem. You might say it’s a futanari problem. And they need a woman like Jill to save them all.

Set in an authentic, post-atomic wasteland, this 11,000-word erotic novelette delivers sex, story and surprises!

 Comment: “You maniacs, you blew it all up. Damn you. Damn you all to hell.”
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Agent of F.U.T.A.

What sexy secrets are the agents of F.U.T.A. hiding? One woman’s about to find out in this cyber-spunk thriller…

It’s 2096 in San Francisco. Part-time thief Terrie is down on her luck and hungry for a fix. So when her mob contact wants her to steal a mysterious serum from three sexy women, she takes the job. But behind closed doors, she discovers more than she bargained for. Gallons more.

The agents of F.U.T.A. rock her world and Terrie’s love life will never be the same…


Comment: This is the best story I’ve done in a while and a great start to a brand-new series. I’m super happy with it.

It borrows a tiny bit of world-building from the previous PROJECT FUTANARION stories but it’s entirely set in the West, not Japan, with all-new characters, new predicaments, and new fun. Serious new fun. Mind-altering drugs and cyberpunk and androids are just too cool.

I had this one on my schedule for a while but only started it recently. I spent actually 16 hours yesterday finishing the whole thing and getting it published around 3:00 AM. Amazon’s published it just about 30 minutes ago.