Smutpunk Erotica Collab!

Get punked!

The world’s first ever anthology of smutpunk erotica collects six sexy stories from half a dozen twisted authors and slaps them into your hot little hands, absolutely free!

What is smutpunk? Think cyberpunk, add a dollop of spunk, a bit of punk, and a squirt of love potion sixty-nine—and you get the idea! It’s filthy, no-holds barred, all-out erotic wrestling contest—and you’ve got front-row seats.

This anthology features a brand-new, 7,000-word futanari college story by me, available nowhere else:

  • Futanari Roommate Situation by Kella Z. Driel: Alistair is your typical, diffident British chap, studying at Neo-Tokyo University. Uh-oh! He’s been assigned a futanari roommate! She’s gorgeous, throbbing and keeps undressing in front of him! How long can he keep a stiff upper lip?

Plus! Feast on these following free, sexy beasts:

  • Agent Joystick by Bella Shadows
  • Not Quite Milked by the Yeti by Callie Press
  • The Return of Roo by Lucian Carter
  • Dino-sore by Moctezuma Johnson
  • Driving Stick: A Rubber-Suited Futa Tale: by Roxxy Katt

What are you waiting for? IT’S FREE SMUT for your Kindle!

Grab your goodies here!

Naughty Ladies Interview

Hi everyone! Reed James over at Naughty Ladies Publication was kind enough to interview yours truly for his blog this weekend. It’s a fun read if a bit on the verbose side, as I wander off on every tangent I can find, apparently, like one of those bears at Yellowstone Park going through a camper’s backpack full of goodies.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks again Reed and NLP for the opportunity to brag and pontificate and generally make an ass of myself with shameless abandon!


Raining Blood


Asushunamir, the savior of Inanna

It’s here! First bite, lick my lips, the eternal dark embrace… Blood in the Rain 2 officially launched this week and my first anthologized print erotica story is now out there to be enjoyed by a much, much wider world!

I’m also pleased to say the editors chose to put my story first in the anthology, meaning it’s what you see when you click on the preview and the “Look Inside!” option and want to get a glimpse of the type of writing you’ll get within.

I don’t have my physical copy of the book yet so I don’t know how many of the stories are transgender erotica versus lesbian, gay, or straight erotica, so it’s particularly exciting to have my transgender vampire erotica as the ‘tease’ if you will.

They did a superior job in copy-editing and layout compared to what I can muster on my own, but I’m going to quote a tiny passage from my final submitted manuscript because that is what I have.

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Futa Show & Freebie Fridays

Just a word to the wise, if you’re not already aware…

Every Friday, Bending the Bookshelf posts an update that highlights all of the new releases in the Transgender erotica category.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of my own books is available for FREE this weekend, too! It’s FUTA SHOW: Can he resist the kinky futanari game show?, possibly the craziest Japanese game show you’ve ever read about.

Kinky gameshows aside, the Freebie Friday posts are a great timesaver to find what’s new and an excellent way to stock up on some weekend reading. Or skimming. Or fapping. As the case may be.

Now where did I leave my Kindle?


An Interview With Kella

Hello to all of you out there in Cloud Cuckoo-Land!

I just finished a short interview over on Angel Rose’s blog, which along with promoting her own excellent steamy romance, also features the occasional interview with authors of erotica, romance, and other spicy genres. It was a nice chance to share some of my recent work as well as answer a few questions about how we take care of business here at the great, Kella Z. Driel, smut factory in the sky.

Here’s a little preview.

What makes erotica different from other genres?

It’s surprisingly forgiving, commercially viable, and quite open to self-publishing, which isn’t true of a lot of genres. True, you have the occasional blockbuster hit like Fifty Shades of Grey, but most erotica is self-published on by professional and semi-professional authors. Another thing is the plotting tends to be a lot easier, at least for me. The person wants to have sex. The person has sex. The end!

Thanks again for the opportunity, Angel! Heaven is missing one of its own. Everyone, you can read the complete interview here.

Foreplay, Not Backstory

It is autumn, and coming up to dusk. She is dressed as she always is: high heels, a suit with a pleated skirt, a silk blouse, and no hat. But long gloves which come up over the sleeves of her jacket…

“Unfasten your garter belt,” he says, “and take off your panties.”


Art is hard. Writing is hard. Writing art that makes someone hard–or wet, as the case may be–can get particularly hard.

Selling erotica is like a first date or a job interview: you need to wash your hair, put on clean clothes, polish your repartee, and then get out there and mingle. You also–unless you are a heartless exhibitionist indifferent to the shame and suffering bearing down upon the house of your progenitors and the suffering spirits of your ancestors–need a persona, a pseudonym, a carefully crafted image with which to bedazzle and beguile the millions and millions of customers lining up at your virtual door.

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