Futa Bundle

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my first ever bundle, the Futa Bundle! This collection contains four previously published works listed below, for a total of more than 50,000 words! That’s a novel-length collection.

It’s all hentai, all the time…with the kinkiest stories not made in Japan!

This is the full package in futanari erotica. FOUR complete novelettes based on AUTHENTIC futanari inspired by Japanese hentai manga!

FUTA BUNDLE delivers more than 50,000 words—a novel length collection!
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Futa Show

The latest hentai-inspired kink-fest is out on Amazon:

Ken is a contestant on Futa Deny Challenge!, Japan’s kinkiest game show!

He’s pushed to the edge by beautiful, bouncy futanari bodies. Teasing. Denial. Oddly specific fetishes. How can he resist?

But he must not give in if he wants to win–because if he loses, he’ll be transformed into a futanari–forever!

Excerpt after the break:

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