Lyka Bloom – Transgender Erotica Author Interview

One of the remarkable things about reading transgender erotica is running into so many talented authors with such a variety of styles and appoaches. Today we talk to another of that cohort, the prolific and well-regarded Lyka Bloom. If you’re not familiar with her work, run—don’t walk—over to her Amazon page and take a look. Or visit her website for free samples.

Now, on with the show!


Fifties-style housewife, feminization at its finest…

Hi, Lyka! Thanks for taking the time to share with my readers. Do you want to start with where you’re from and who you are?

Thanks for having me! I’m a writer from Tennessee, which is maybe not the best place to be a proponent of gender transformation and fantasy stories, but I’ve lived here most of my life. I grew up in a military town, which is kind of nice because you meet people from all over the world. Despite people’s rural impressions of Tennessee, and there are definitely those places, there are also places where people from all sorts of backgrounds come together, just like everywhere.

Now, I call Nashville home, and it’s a wonderfully artistic town. I’m not crazy about country music, but there is such a wealth of culture here, you can ignore all the tourist trap country bars and it feels incredibly metropolitan.

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Naughty Ladies Interview

Hi everyone! Reed James over at Naughty Ladies Publication was kind enough to interview yours truly for his blog this weekend. It’s a fun read if a bit on the verbose side, as I wander off on every tangent I can find, apparently, like one of those bears at Yellowstone Park going through a camper’s backpack full of goodies.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks again Reed and NLP for the opportunity to brag and pontificate and generally make an ass of myself with shameless abandon!


Interview: Sally Bend, author and reviewer of TG erotica

Sally Bend is one of the most influential and important reviewers of transgender literature. She’s the assistant editor of Frock Magazine, an award-winning crossgender lifestyle magazine where she reviews transgender literature. Her reviews of erotica can also be found in Transformation, North America’s number one transgender magazine. Her tireless reviewing also appears on Amazon, Goodreads, and her Bending the Bookshelf blog too.

All this makes her something of an authority in the trans-universe, so it’s a great honor to have her sharing her insights here today. Read on after the jump for this extensive and fascinating interview.

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Interview: Erotica Author Reed James

If you’ve been reading futa, lesbian, and other erotica on Amazon, you’ve likely encountered the name of Reed James. One of the more prolific authors on the market, he’s also one of the best, never failing to disappoint or deliver.

He agreed to do a Q+A style interview with my blog, so here goes! We talk about marketing, writing, and the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe where his stories take place.

Q: You’re one of the most prolific and successful authors of transgender erotica out there. What’s the secret to your amazing output?

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An Interview With Kella

Hello to all of you out there in Cloud Cuckoo-Land!

I just finished a short interview over on Angel Rose’s blog, which along with promoting her own excellent steamy romance, also features the occasional interview with authors of erotica, romance, and other spicy genres. It was a nice chance to share some of my recent work as well as answer a few questions about how we take care of business here at the great, Kella Z. Driel, smut factory in the sky.

Here’s a little preview.

What makes erotica different from other genres?

It’s surprisingly forgiving, commercially viable, and quite open to self-publishing, which isn’t true of a lot of genres. True, you have the occasional blockbuster hit like Fifty Shades of Grey, but most erotica is self-published on by professional and semi-professional authors. Another thing is the plotting tends to be a lot easier, at least for me. The person wants to have sex. The person has sex. The end!

Thanks again for the opportunity, Angel! Heaven is missing one of its own. Everyone, you can read the complete interview here.