Woman By Magic

Donnie wants Lisa. But Lisa tells him she’s a lesbian, crushing his dreams. But wait, there’s one last chance! He steals the Transnomicon from his college library. It’s a magic book with a gender-swap spell.

To his surprise, it works. Almost. It summons a well-hung gender genie, who makes him a woman–for a price. Donnie agrees, and he becomes a she–the hard way. He sets off to indulge his lesbian desires–but the next woman he meets also has surprise! After that, things get really weird.

Woman by Magic is an erotic tale of gender transformation, full of twists and turns, ups and downs, magic and mystery: it is one man’s shocking odyssey into the depths of gender and beyond.


Comment:  This story plays with the genderswap-by-magic trope and its inherent lack of realism by having the protagonist–who’s been turned into a woman by magic–run into a genuine transgender woman who has no such advantage and can’t help but feel a bit put out by the unfairness of the all.
Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie is confronted about this seeming injustice, and she’s forced to explain why she genderswaps random people and not transgendered people who would want to be magically changed into another sex…