Futa Hunter

Do sexual androids enjoy wet dreams?

Sonmi-09 is a futa on the run. But when her big, bulging secret is discovered by spaceport security, she finds herself in a sticky situation.

Rickard is a Futa Hunter. He’s in Neo-Tokyo, looking for a futanari android pretending to be human.

He’s got a hot tip his target is working in a Futa Maid Café in Neo-Tokyo’s red light district. He goes undercover, but can he resist the full-package of menu items on display?

Strap in for thirteen thousand words of cyberspunk action and sci-fi nerdgasm! Who’s a futa and who’s not? Is a futa human if she’s an android? Do sexual androids enjoy wet dreams?

Get ready to have your mind blown—and something else!

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Futa Girlfriends Bundle

Do you love college beach parties? Do you love women with something extra in their bikinis? Then you will love the Futa Girlfriends Bundle, full of fun, sun, females, and full-package futanari!

Many bundles throw in random stories from various authors with no connection or quality control. Not the Futa Girlfriends Bundle! All four of these stories come from the same author, with recurring characters, scenes, and themes—not to mention filthy fetishes!

This bundle includes:

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now: Alice is a college freshman, majoring in Erotica. But when her Lesbian girlfriend decides to become a futa, Alice isn’t sure that’s a good idea!

Futa Girlfriends Wet Panties Contest: Soolin is a shy Anime major. But when her friends start turning into futanari, she wants in on the fun. Or does she? She needs convincing…hint, hint!

Futa Beach Volleyball: Tiffany used magic to give herself a male part down there.  She’s cool with that but it’s got to stay secret. Uh-oh! She’s playing in the bikini beach volleyball tournament today!

My Futa Girlfriend Wears a Short Skirt and No Panties: Mack’s a lucky guy. He’s a football player, a freshman in college with an attractive girlfriend. Who’s just decided to become…a futa?!

The Futa Girlfriends Bundle collects four complete fun, sexy stories full of kinky college scenes—that’s almost 40,000 words of filthy futanari fun!

Futa Bundle

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my first ever bundle, the Futa Bundle! This collection contains four previously published works listed below, for a total of more than 50,000 words! That’s a novel-length collection.

It’s all hentai, all the time…with the kinkiest stories not made in Japan!

This is the full package in futanari erotica. FOUR complete novelettes based on AUTHENTIC futanari inspired by Japanese hentai manga!

FUTA BUNDLE delivers more than 50,000 words—a novel length collection!
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Futa Show

The latest hentai-inspired kink-fest is out on Amazon:

Ken is a contestant on Futa Deny Challenge!, Japan’s kinkiest game show!

He’s pushed to the edge by beautiful, bouncy futanari bodies. Teasing. Denial. Oddly specific fetishes. How can he resist?

But he must not give in if he wants to win–because if he loses, he’ll be transformed into a futanari–forever!

Excerpt after the break:

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Futa Pop


Futa Pop has been released!

This is another male transforms into futanari story and it came out well! It’s also about 12,000 words long and while somewhat similar to Futa Choice the sex scenes, characters, and plot are quite different.

For starters, Hikaru is trying to be a pop idol. He’s focused on his music. Only when he fails, his record label gives him a choice: become the world’s first futanari Jpop idol, or seek other employment.

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Futa Choice

futa_choice_v01_400x638I’ve written yet another filthy, filthy story.

This one is called Futa Choice and it is set in the same story world as Project Futanarion–in the Neo-Tokyo of the near future, when an absolutely insane scheme to bring futanari into every bedroom is well underway.

Unlike the first story in this series (it’s becoming a series, with the sad name of “Futa Series”), this one is focused on a male POV character–male at least, until he transforms into a sex-crazed, semi-hermaphroditic futanari!

From the blurb:

Life is tough in Neo-Tokyo. Haruto’s a decent guy but he’s broke, living in a sleeping tube and willing to try anything. One day he sees an ad for Project Futanarion–an amazing program that transforms ordinary people into beautiful, desirable full-package futanaris and joins them to married couples!

This 12,000-word erotic epic follows Hiro’s desperate application to the program, his remarkable transformation into a filthy new body, and his nerve-wracking intimate evaluation as he seeks his new husband and wife!

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Project Futanarion


It’s 2095. Japan’s population decline has reached a crisis. Can the introduction of Futanarions–lusty young women with surprising sets of genitals–save the nation?

This is my latest release on Amazon and like all of my stories, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

This is a kinky science fiction story with a lot of Japnese-style transgender action (newhalf and futanari). There’s lots of exhibitionism, masturbation and shame too. This was a fun one to write.

The title sounds crazy I know. What is a transsexual miracle? How can it save Japan?

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