Futa Beach Volleyball

Tiffany is just your average college gal—with one significant difference! She majors in Witchcraft and used magic to give herself a male part down there.  She’s cool with that but it’s got to stay secret!

Uh-oh! Tiffany forgot she’s playing in the bikini beach volleyball tournament—today! How can she conceal her secret? Is there a way she can calm down before everything comes out in front of the crowd! Her partner’s desire to oil up with suntan lotion before the match isn’t helping!

Futa Beach Volleyball is a 12,000-word kinky romp featuring futa-on-female, group sex, public, sex, humiliation, and more naughty bits than you can serve up and spike!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!


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My Futa Girlfriend Wears a Short Skirt and No Panties

Mack’s a good guy, a young guy, and a big guy. He’s a football player and a freshman in college. He’s also got a hot new girlfriend named Tiffany. But she’s not like other women. For one, she’s majoring in witchcraft. And she keeps hinting at a big secret about to “bear fruit.”

Now she’s revealing her secret in the middle of the cafeteria. Mack can’t believe his eyes. Because she’s wearing a short skirt and no panties. But even more shocking…

His new girlfriend’s a futa–and she’s bigger than he is!

Is it time for Mack to turn tail and run–or get more turned on than he’s ever been in his life?!

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