Futadom: One Night in Neo-Tokyo

Welcome to Neo-Tokyo: flying cars, weird robots, and filthy futanari dommes.

Gaku’s an impoverished Japanese salaryman with one bright spot in his life. Every night, he watches is favorite futa dommes performing in Futa Juice, an exotic, erotic strip club. But this time, he’s early. Mistress Miwa’s waiting for him with an offer he can’t refuse…

Join in on this fast, filthy, futanari romp involving feminization and total worship of the thick tops and juicy extras of strict futanari mistresses!




Submissive sissies serving masters and mistresses.

Do you love French maids? Yes, you do! And what if those French maids are naughty, kneeling, submissive sissies? Even better, right?

You’re in the right place, because with SISSY MAIDS BUNDLE, you will enjoy three easy-reading, interrelated, kinky tales of cross-dressing submission!


  • Sissy Maid: Serving Mistress: An athletic Aussie babe catches him in her panties drawer…
  • Sissy Maid: Cleaning My Man: He becomes a she for him—in a high-tech maid costume!
  • Sissy Maid: For the Kinky Couple: The Maidfit-1 costume will feminize, and sissify him.

That’s more than 30,000 words of feminization, humiliation, and downright degrading gratification! Don’t wait, order your Maidfit-1 costume today!


Sissy Star

He becomes a she…living a pop-star dream!

He’s a regular guy with an acoustic guitar. Then one day Tinker Quick–the world’s most famous country-and-pop superstar–calls him out of the blue. She loves the song he uploaded to YouTube!

Would he like to come over to her studio and make some music? Yes, he would like that.

Will he agree to do whatever her transgender assistant says? Well, sure, why not?

Is he ready to become a feminized, sissified, beautiful pop star at her command? Umm, well…maybe….

So begins a 16,000-word epic of celebrity sex, submissive sissification, and fantasy feminization. Dare to dream a dirty dream!


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Sissy Kisses

Sammy has a secret. Her name is Sapphire. But she’s not real–she’s the woman inside him, the woman he’s always wanted to be. But he’s given up on discovering her. He’s studying mechanical engineering. He’s already engaged. Sapphire is just a crossdressing dream…

Then one day, his bride-to-be discovers his kinky transgender magazine. The discovery leads to questions. Questions lead to embarrassing admissions. And before he knows it, they’re headed to the Sissy Kisses meet-up, looking for a threesome on a night where dreams seem to come true…

If you love intense, emotional, erotic stories of sissification, feminization, and bisexual exploration, then Sissy Kisses is the story with you. Featuring more than 10,000 words and three chapters of ever-increasing heat, everyone’s dreams can come true.


Comment: Sapphire from Head Over High Heels returns, this time with her super-secret origin story! It’s not the last Sapphire story either; she returns in the next piece with Tyler, Kayane, and Jessica. It will be a fun reunion with some recent characters to round out another transgender bundle.

Sissy Summer

“Get out of those male clothes. Those aren’t for you, those are for men. You’re a sissy now.”

Ron’s married to Lily, a powerful attorney and a true alpha-wife. But when she catches him jerking it to sissy websites, she starts a legal motion of her own.

Instead of filing for divorce, she takes him to TS Tasha, the transgender video star and sissification expert. These two strong women soon reduce Ron to putty before building him back as Sissy Rhonda, submissive to all women and pleasing to all men.

This is a 9,000-word tale of erotic feminization, sissification, and one wild ménage-à-trois—it’s one summer day by the pool Rhonda will never forget.

COMMENT: Not sure how the HTML blurb got fuxored up on the Amazon.com page. Le Sigh. It will take at least 24 hours for the fix to get in. Sort of a garish cover too. Meh.

ANYWAY, this is my first ‘sissy’ book in several weeks, a subject I’ve neglected for far too long. So look out for more sissies coming soon!



SISSY BUNDLE collects four complete novelettes of naughty sissy stories, delivering more than 45,000 words of premium erotica in one easy-to-read anthology. All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes. They are all at least 10,000 words too, providing a deep, long-lasting, and satisfying erotic journey.
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Sissy Wedding

Black, brawny Franklin and white, scrawny Aaron need money for their startup. Fortunately, Franklin will inherit $1 million as long as he gets married today. The wedding’s set and Aaron’s the best man.

Suddenly, Franklin’s fiancee backs out! Uh oh! Who’s left to wear the wedding gown? Everyone looks at Aaron. It’s just for business, right? He can take one for the team.

Sissy makeover! Aaron becomes Erin, sissified into a blushing bride. He’s not enjoying this, is he? And why is Franklin looking at him like that?

And hey! Nobody warned him the lawyers are coming on the honeymoon to ensure the marriage is consummated!


Comment:  You might be wondering, come on now Kella Z. Driel, nobody has to get married to get $1 million. Well, unfortunately Franklin’s uncle was a big fan of Scooby-Doo and his wills were full of ridiculous stipulations like that. Franklin’s sister had to sleep in a haunted house to get her share of the money. Franklin probably got the better deal, come to think of it.

This is a fun story, including some of the characters from Sissy Secretary as minor characters. It takes place in Searose, the suburb near Jeff Pac U.