Dirty, Rough, Naughty & Taboo

Tyler is a dirty guy. Sapphire loves it rough and naughty. Rob is taboo because he’s into feet. Three lives intertwine. Three sets of desires intersect.

When Tyler laments the loss of his transgender girlfriend, his new friends Rob and Sapphire commiserate. But after Sapphire reveals a startling secret that Tyler can’t resist, one thing leads to another, giving way to a night of erotic abandon none of them will ever forget.

This 7,000-word erotic story features flirtation, teasing, and foreplay, building up to a climactic sexual encounter between one cross-dressing sissy and two men. If you like your stories dirty, rough, naughty and taboo, this is a must-have for your lust list.

Comment: Whatever happened to Tyler after Kayane went back to Japan? Did he forget the woman who changed his life in The Secret of Her Panties? No, but if you can’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.

I Want My Transgender Nurse

trans_nurse_400x638I want my transgender nurse, because the doctor is a kinky lesbian. That’s happened to you, right? Of course it has. It’s happened to everyone. It’s a totally common thing.

There you are, at the doctor’s office, trying your best to seduce the cute nurse. You’re wearing your shortest skirt, and you’re not even wearing panties. She’s just so shy though, she doesn’t seem to get it. You know she wants you though, because she always blushes and giggles. So what could be wrong?

You go into the examination room, remove all of your clothing. She weighs you and measures you, and oh my…

This story features lots of lesbian and transgender sex. So you better like that!

Excerpt after the jump.

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