I’m a Sissy For Halloween

Sissies! Futanari! Wild college parties! It’s Halloween and anything goes!

Steve’s your typical dorky college freshman. He likes videogames and anime and his new girlfriend. If he has secret desires for futanari and sissification, that’s nobody’s business!

But Karen has a different plan. Her witchcraft buddy is giving her a male member for Halloween. For one night at least, she’ll live as a futanari woman, one with the parts and drives of both males and females.

There’s only one catch. In order for Steve to go to the futa witch party and enjoy his girlfriend’s impressive new charms, he must get feminized! This party is for femmes only.

Come along as Steve becomes Stephanie in this kinky, dirty, sexy Halloween romp.

Candy: A Steamy Transgender Romance

He doesn’t know he’s falling for a TG gal.

Roger is a popular, good-looking guy going through his first year of college. So when his frat brothers set him up on a blind date, everything’s cool, right?

Little does he know they’ve set him up with Candy, a fun, attractive gal who happens to be transgender. He doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. It’s all a cruel prank by his frat. But he finds himself attracted to her, even caring for her. Now what?

Candy: A Transgender Romance is a steamy six-thousand word transgender romance with a guy who falls for a transgender gal without knowing who she is. What would you do?

CANDY: A Steamy Transgender Romance – OUT NOW!

Tammy: A Steamy Transgender Romance

His first time with the third sex.

Josh is your average college guy. He likes football, beer, and books about war. And when his buddy Tommy needs a place to crash, he’s happy to oblige.

Except Tommy never shows up. Instead, there’s a hot blonde named Tammy at the door. But she looks familiar. And she claims to be his old friend…

What has Josh gotten himself into—and why is his body reacting that way around her? Even when he sees the surprise between her thighs?

Tammy: A Transgender Romance is a steamy six-thousand word transgender romance about what happens when your best friend becomes a woman, moves in with you, and you can’t keep your eyes off her. How far would you go?


Futa Beach Volleyball

Tiffany is just your average college gal—with one significant difference! She majors in Witchcraft and used magic to give herself a male part down there.  She’s cool with that but it’s got to stay secret!

Uh-oh! Tiffany forgot she’s playing in the bikini beach volleyball tournament—today! How can she conceal her secret? Is there a way she can calm down before everything comes out in front of the crowd! Her partner’s desire to oil up with suntan lotion before the match isn’t helping!

Futa Beach Volleyball is a 12,000-word kinky romp featuring futa-on-female, group sex, public, sex, humiliation, and more naughty bits than you can serve up and spike!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!


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My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now!

Alice is a college freshman, majoring in Erotica. But when her Lesbian girlfriend decides to become a futa, Alice isn’t sure that’s a good idea!

The two embark on a throbbing journey of mutual pleasure, full of hard passion, naughty witchcraft, dirty discoveries, and lots and lots of stained lingerie!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now! is a 6,500-word light-hearted erotic romp, featuring futa-on-female, oral, threesomes, menage, group fun and more!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now – OUT TODAY!

Comment: Ugh, KDP’s new interface is causing all kinds of problems. I enrolled this book in Kindle Unlimited but somehow it decided it didn’t want to be in there. And there’s a broken tag in the description. Publisher info missing. And the always exciting midnight marketing opportunity…

I enrolled it again. We shall see. UPDATE: YAY! It is know KU-able. Which is totally do-able.

Anyhow, this is a fun story that picks up where My Futa Girlfriend Wears a Short Skirt and No Panties left off. The plot thickens, you might say.