TG Hearts Bundle

A collection of steamy transgender romance.

What would you do if you discovered the woman you’re dating is a little different—used to be male—is maybe even your best friend?

The TG Hearts Bundle collects three short and steamy transgender romances in one easy-to-enjoy collection, perfect for a little summer reading!

Tammy: A Steamy Transgender Romance: Josh is your average college guy. When his buddy Tommy needs a place to crash, he’s happy to oblige. But his buddy never shows up. Instead, there’s a hot blonde named Tammy at the door. But she looks familiar. And she claims to be his old friend… What has Josh gotten himself into—and why is his body reacting that way around her? Even when he sees the surprise between her thighs?

Transform Me Tonight: Meet Harlan. He’s your typical straight, beer-drinking frat guy. Only he’s got a secret. Every Thursday night, he sneaks down to the local burlesque show to admire the transgender dancers. One in particular has caught his eye. But how far does he dare take this transgressive relationship? And what happens if his frat brothers show up at the club—as a joke? He needs a disguise, fast. Wait, what’s with the wig and dress? And why does he like that idea so much?

Candy: A Steamy Transgender Romance: When Roger’s frat brothers set him up on a blind date, everything’s cool, right? Little does he know they’ve set him up with Candy, a fun, attractive gal who happens to be transgender. It’s all a cruel prank but when he finds himself attracted to her, what’s next?


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