Transform Me Tonight

A Steamy Transgender Romance: The first time he becomes a she—for a strict TG.

Meet Harlan. He’s your typical straight, beer-drinking frat guy. Only he’s got a secret. Every Thursday night, he sneaks down to the local burlesque show to admire the transgender dancers.

One in particular, the strict and domineering Ms. Kelly, has caught his eye. And he seems to have caught her attention, too. But how far does he dare take this transgressive relationship? And what happens if his frat brothers show up at the club–just as a joke? He and Kelly need to come up with a disguise, fast. Wait, why is she pulling out a wig and dress?

And why does he like that idea so much?

Transform Me Tonight is a steamy, six-thousand word transgender romance about what happens when you fall in love with a transgender dancer and discover the depths of your own desires.

More after the jump, including comments and a sample!

On weekends, the club could get a little rough. If he came here with his frat brothers on a Friday or Saturday night, he tried to stay sober and keep a hand on his wallet. Some of the locals didn’t like college boys and threw a little shade their way. But Transgender Thursdays drew a mellower crowd. He’d never run into any trouble on his Thursday night solo trips. The other customers almost never spoke to each other. Nobody bragged or picked fights or talked sports. These guys, an older crowd, came to meet a special type of girl.

Special they were. Besides the dancers, drag queens, cross-dressers, and other gender-fluid people flocked to TG Thursdays at the Wet Kitty. He envied all their openness about blurring gender lines and acting feminine in public. It was something he could never admit to wanting to try. A few transsexual streetwalkers always found their way inside the club too, too. Some of the prostitutes had propositioned Harlan a couple of times, but he wasn’t here for that.

He was here for Kelly. He was here for her. His eyes lit up as he saw her. There she was, up on the stage, twisting on the pole before a small, desultory crowd.

Kelly Portland, the transgender dominatrix and student-athlete. Guitar player and star of the women’s softball team. She could carry on a conversation and didn’t turn tricks. She was young and pretty and he wanted her in the worst way. Wanted her as his girlfriend—but as a brother at a straight fraternity, he couldn’t get away with a dating transgender woman. In their eyes, Kelly counted as male.


It’s fun to reuse a stock photo once in a while!

Commentary: This story was supposed to come out tomorrow, so I loaded it into the Amazon thing this morning. About an hour later, I was back in the Amazon thing and noticed it said “publishing.” That was fast! And six hours later, here it is, live! It was a story that just had to be told, I suppose you could say.

This is the second in the ‘Steamy Transgender Romance’ series, which is letting me revisit some of the Jefferson Pacific transwomen who were among the first characters I wrote about but whose stories never did well compared to the futa and the sissies and the lesbians…
Before anyone asks, Kelly Portland is not a stand-in for Kella Z. Driel. I should have changed her name long ago, but as she’s already an established character appearing in such stories as Candy’s Halloween, From Juan to Juanita, and Spunk Rocker (free tomorrow, by the way! Keep an eye out for it!) that there was no use changing her name now.

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