Futa, Guns, and Zombies: What more do you need?

Bunker 69: Futapocalypse Now

Jilly is a futa, a woman with something extra. She’s wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland, looking for fertile females to join her in Bunker 69. So when she reaches Seattle, she’s not looking for anything more than a hot, heavy time in the strip club. Little does she knew, a zombie horde is on the march … this is one battle for Seattle you’ll have to read to believe!

Welcome to Bunker 69: Futapocalypse Now, an epic erotic adventure featuring futa-on-female action, group action, and even futa-on-sissy action! Strap in for a pulse-pounding, juice-spraying joyride full of sex, guns, and futa.

What more do you need?

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