Futa Beach Volleyball

Tiffany is just your average college gal—with one significant difference! She majors in Witchcraft and used magic to give herself a male part down there.  She’s cool with that but it’s got to stay secret!

Uh-oh! Tiffany forgot she’s playing in the bikini beach volleyball tournament—today! How can she conceal her secret? Is there a way she can calm down before everything comes out in front of the crowd! Her partner’s desire to oil up with suntan lotion before the match isn’t helping!

Futa Beach Volleyball is a 12,000-word kinky romp featuring futa-on-female, group sex, public, sex, humiliation, and more naughty bits than you can serve up and spike!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!


Sample and comment after the jump…

Comment: This story has more sex and less volleyball playing than you might expect! This is the fourth story in the FUTA GIRLFRIENDS series which will soon be collected into a FUTA GIRLFRIENDS bundle. Up next: The third Bunker 69 story and another new sissy story.


I tried not to look at her exposed, tanned body, now glistening in the bright sun. The oil added a luminous sheen to her fair, sun-kissed skin. Her flirty talk didn’t help, either. I’d swear she was coming on to me but was too frightened by my growing arousal to respond.

She caught me peeking while she applied a thick layer of oil to her small, perky breasts. Her bikini had only little white triangles that covered little more than her nipples. So she spent a long time working the lotion onto every side of her tits. Her sly smile suggested she enjoyed my sneaky stares.

I eeped and looked away, pushing my knees together. My futa cock bulged now, straining against the tight fabric of the tiny bikini briefs. Only the tiny tennis skirt kept it hidden from view. I didn’t even dare oil myself anymore. Even touching my own glistening legs might push me over the edge.

“Would you mind doing my back?” Mandy asked, using a sweet, innocent voice.


“My back. Could you rub suntan lotion on it?”

Needless to say, she rubs the suntan lotion on her friend.



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