Futa Girlfriends Wet Panties Contest

Soolin is a shy an dorky girl, majoring in Anime at university. But when her dorm friends start using magic to transform into futanari, she wants in on the fun. Or does she? She might need some convincing from the futanari girlfriends…hint, hint!

But what if she takes the potion and her new futa part pops in at the worst possible moment? What if it happens when she’s in the middle of a crowded lecture hall? Oh, the humanity!

Are other students starting to notice the Futanari Girlfriends around campus? Is it time for them to come out in the open in front of everyone and demonstrate just how different their bodies are? Maybe the best way to do that is to have a wet panties contest!

Futa Girlfriend Wet Panties Contest is a 10,000-word light-hearted erotic romp, featuring futa-on-female lovin’, female-to-futa transformation, exhibitionism, humiliation, group sex, and more!


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