My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now!

Alice is a college freshman, majoring in Erotica. But when her Lesbian girlfriend decides to become a futa, Alice isn’t sure that’s a good idea!

The two embark on a throbbing journey of mutual pleasure, full of hard passion, naughty witchcraft, dirty discoveries, and lots and lots of stained lingerie!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now! is a 6,500-word light-hearted erotic romp, featuring futa-on-female, oral, threesomes, menage, group fun and more!

Another sexy tale set at Jeff Pac University, the kinkiest campus on Earth!

My Lesbian Girlfriend is a Futa Now – OUT TODAY!

Comment: Ugh, KDP’s new interface is causing all kinds of problems. I enrolled this book in Kindle Unlimited but somehow it decided it didn’t want to be in there. And there’s a broken tag in the description. Publisher info missing. And the always exciting midnight marketing opportunity…

I enrolled it again. We shall see. UPDATE: YAY! It is know KU-able. Which is totally do-able.

Anyhow, this is a fun story that picks up where My Futa Girlfriend Wears a Short Skirt and No Panties left off. The plot thickens, you might say.

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