Operation F.U.T.A.

Terrie is a Martian spy. She’s also a woman—her futanari member has yet to pop in.

That makes her the perfect candidate to pose as a reporter and infiltrate Japan’s top secret institute for futanari research and help steal a cloned futanari body. Simple, right?

Unfortunately for Terrie, along the way she faces a horny supervisor, a kinky airline stewardess, and a room full of eager futanari ready for the adult version of a group hug.

All this and more in Operation F.U.T.A. — a 20,000-word erotic epic of sci-fi, futanari, smutpunk, fetish, and kink!

Operation F.U.T.A.– out now!

Preview and comment, after the jump…

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Neko, neko! Miau!

Hola, amigos. How’s it hanging? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but sometimes that’s how it goes in the great smut-castle in the sky. That is a true statement: I live in a castle in the clouds along with Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie, the Agents of F.U.T.A., Kor the Savage, and the entire campus of Jefferson Pacific University.

Unfortunately, the castle grounds started getting crowded when all these dudes and dudettes from other genres tried moving in on their turf. It first it was just a spaceship here and a graveyard there, but soon enough it turned into this epic, cross-genre turf war with paranormal romance vampires on one side and intergalactic space opera robots on the other and before you know it the Nakagami Institute for Futanari Research was in ruins and the catgirls were dying, left and right.

Anyway, thanks to the tireless efforts of U Thant, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Tryve Lie, and others (U.N. Secretary Generals have the most rock star names of all time), a peace treaty has been arranged that will let the various factions occupy different portions of Cloud Cuckoo-Land. Part of the treaty stipulates a vast ‘no-fly zone’ for all the denizens of Erotopia to live their shallow, shameless lives of sexual indulgence in peace. The upshot is we can all look forward to a couple of releases–emissions?–from Kella  Z. Driel City each month.

On to the preview…

Terrie, F.U.T.A.’s lone female operative and a former errand girl for the Martian Mafia, is receiving her debriefing from her superior officer, Petunia. In a manner of speaking…

“We won’t use our hands during this exercise,” Petunia said.

“Why not, sir?”

“You never know when you may be a prisoner, tied-up with another futanari, desperate to get off. All our agents must learn hands-free techniques of gratification.”

Terrie smirked. It sounded like an excuse, but whatever. “Got it!”

“Now, get on your knees and pay your respects.”

Terrie knelt, eager to comply. At first, the lack of free hands annoyed her, then she decided to get creative. She leaned in, letting Petunia’s hard, futa member rub up against her cheeks. Moving her head around caused the stiffness to press against her chin, her forehead, slapping back and forth. The glans even tickled her nose. Something moist smeared one cheek.

Only then did she extend her tongue and start teasing with it. Starting at the tip, she lashed the stiffness, working her way down with long, deliberate strokes, like a dog lapping at a water bowl. Her mouth moved to its base, licking and sucking.

Futa sacs sloshed with desire, Petunia’s being no exception. Her shorn and wrinkly bulge swelled with need. It scented of sweat and desire and tasted fleshy but also a bit latex, residue from the commander’s uniform.

With great care, Terrie sucked one into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. She then kissed along the base to the other, giving it the same treatment. She longed to free her wrists from the panties binding them but knew better than to disobey.

Petunia’s spankings hurt.

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