Raining Blood


Asushunamir, the savior of Inanna

It’s here! First bite, lick my lips, the eternal dark embrace… Blood in the Rain 2 officially launched this week and my first anthologized print erotica story is now out there to be enjoyed by a much, much wider world!

I’m also pleased to say the editors chose to put my story first in the anthology, meaning it’s what you see when you click on the preview and the “Look Inside!” option and want to get a glimpse of the type of writing you’ll get within.

I don’t have my physical copy of the book yet so I don’t know how many of the stories are transgender erotica versus lesbian, gay, or straight erotica, so it’s particularly exciting to have my transgender vampire erotica as the ‘tease’ if you will.

They did a superior job in copy-editing and layout compared to what I can muster on my own, but I’m going to quote a tiny passage from my final submitted manuscript because that is what I have.

* More after the jump *

I wanted it, needed it, couldn’t find it.

I needed more than sex–I wanted that too–but less than a partner, at least not the kind that talks about car insurance. Call me shallow, selfish, a thrill-seeker, a fang-fucker; say what you like, I know what gets my pussy hot: infatuation, danger, magic…


No, not Miss Period: I mean vampires. They’re there–if you know where. The old ones walk this world still, the Blooded still hunt and fuck and play; it’s a strictly underground scene, but once you’re in, you’re in. We stick together, Blooded and prey, even us poor virgin wannabes waiting to pop our figurative cherries on a hook of calcium phosphate.

So I hoped.

*          *          *

Ages ago, in the land between the rivers, the priesthood of the Goddess included an androgynous caste called kurggaru. The tablets describe them as incarnations of Asushunamir, the savior in the Myth of the Descent of Inanna. Their songs contained magic, for their androgyny facilitated possession by their goddess…

*          *          *

“Who is that?” I asked, pointing across the bar.

The woman at the end of my finger could have played Wonder Woman in the theater of my dreams; she made me think of shampoo commercials, the kind where a gorgeous gal with a thousand dollar perm swings her fabulous tresses at you in slow motion, the joy splashed across her face saying, ‘Wash your hair all you want, you’ll never look like this bitches!’

“I have no idea.” Erika frowned. “But come on: ultra-mini, high heels, fishnets–it’s like a teenage boy picked out her clothes.”

“Yeah,” I laughed. “She’s headed to a porn shoot–or she’s Blooded.”

Comment: Thus begins a 4700 word erotic odyssey involving a couple of fang-chasing lesbians, one toppy transgendered vampire woman, Sumerian mythology, and the blood-stained rain of Portland, Oregon.

I loved this story when I wrote it and like it still today, though I’ve improved a lot even in that half-year interval. And I don’t mind admitting I wrote that story to market.

There are not a lot of erotica opportunities on the various pro market sites so when you see one you like, it’s best to hit it, hard. I read the call for submissions, reviewed the previous anthology, wrote to market, put my own twist on it, had fun, and hit submit. Yay!

Can’t wait for my hard copy of the book–I can autograph it for myself!  I’ll talk about the physical book and all the stories in it in a new post after my copy arrives.


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