Blood in the Rain 2: Vampire Erotica Anthology

Most of my stuff you will find easy enough in Amazon under my name. But not all of it! I’m super happy to say that a perverted vampire lust story I wrote called “Nannadammu” will appear in an upcoming volume of vampire erotica, Blood in the Rain 2, from Cwtch Press!

Here’s the blurb, straight from the bloodstained lips of volume editors Cecilia Duvalle and Mary Trepanier:


Nineteen stories of Vampire Erotica…

In this second volume of Blood in the Rain, we continue our exploration of vampires. These blood-sucking, soul-sucking creatures of the night continue to fascinate—no matter how many incarnations they take, no matter how many worlds they inhabit, no matter how many ways they kill. Or suck and fuck. The variety of vampires and their hot, wet, sexy selves continue to entertain and delight us.

This collection features vampires from ancient Sumer and Crete, modern tales set in airports and circuses, and dark futures with post-apocalyptic world-ending viruses. You’ll find some stories by well-known authors such as Andrea Dale, Michael M. Jones, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Elizabeth Schechter, as well as a host of new writers.

Some stories are outright hilarious, others bittersweet. Some stories are super-explicit, others moderately erotic. We’ve included a wide range of pairings and even a couple of ménage á trois. As befits a well-explored archetype, our vampires range from soulless to tortured self-loathing creatures. Some die in sunlight, others not so much.

My story has the ancient Sumer connection and while probably neither hilarious nor bittersweet, it runs closer to ‘super explicit’ than ‘moderately erotic’ considering there’s a filthy ménage à trois and a lot of dominant transgender vampire on kinky, cute subbie human-type sex.

Pre-order that bad boy, pixels or paper, today! The book launches October 25, 2016—just in time for Halloween!

You can even get that sucker at Barnes and Noble or Kobobooks. Wow!


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