Bunker 69: Futa Road

A damsel in distress—and undressed. A futa in need, full of seed. An army of cannibal mutants on the march.

On a planet ravaged by atomic war, astronaut Jilly Killdeer is humanity’s last, best hope for survival. Changed by transgamma radiation into a lusty futanari, she combs the ruins of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, looking for healthy young women to repopulate Bunker 69. She’s found a keeper this time in Aliz, a perky redhead full of grit and hustle.

But when an army of Eaters comes up the road, it’s up to Jilly to prevent the futapocalypse!

Welcome to BUNKER 69: FUTA ROAD! Strap in now for a pulse-pounding, bump-grinding, juice-spraying joyride full of sex, guns, and futa in a post-apocalyptic wasteland!


Comment: Back into the wasteland with more futa on female fun! I am loving both my new Futa sci-fi series and what’s coming next!

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