The sissies are back!

SISSY PACK 2 collects four brand-new, standalone sissy novelettes, delivering 45,000 words of premium erotica in one tight package!

Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from random authors together with no connection or quality control. Not SISSY PACK 2! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes.

SISSY PACK 2 brings you four stories for the price of two, a fifty percent savings for you, the faithful follower of sissy stories. Take a look…

Four sissy novelettes in one tight little package!


Cover is totally not like all too busy and shizz…

Sissy Star: He’s a regular guy with an acoustic guitar. Then one day Tinker Quick–the world-famous pop superstar–calls him out of the blue. She loves the song he uploaded to YouTube! Would he like to come over to her studio and make some music? So begins his 16,000-word epic journey of celebrity sex, submissive sissification, and fantasy feminization. Dare to dream a dirty dream!

Sissy Summer: “Get out of those male clothes. Those aren’t for you, those are for men. You’re a sissy now.” Ron’s married to Lily, a powerful attorney and a true alpha-wife. But when she catches him abusing himself to TS porn websites, she takes him to Tasha, a transgender video star and sissification expert. These strong women turn Ron into Rhonda, submissive to all women and pleasing to all men.

Sissy Kisses: Sammy has a secret, a woman inside named Sapphire. But he’s given up on her. He’s studying mechanical engineering. He’s already engaged…Then one day, his bride-to-be discovers his kinky ideas. Questions lead to admissions. And before he knows it, they’re headed to the Sissy Kisses meet-up, looking for a threesome on a night where dreams seem to come true…

Sissy Rider: “You can leave your clothes on if you want, Rico. I just need your mouth.” Rico is hitchhiking in northern California when he’s picked up a tough leather mama on a fearsome road hog. Turns out she’s a porn star–and not just any porn star. She’s the transgender superstar Tasha Sunshine, famous for feminizing and sissifying her fans. She’s happy to give Rico a ride–for a price.


Comment: The bonus material this time is short and sweet–a note from Dr. Mallory regarding sissies vs. transvestites, the lyrics to Sparkle Starina’s first pop song, and a few other tidbits from the other stories.


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