Princess With a FREE Hand

The Victorian Era remains known for its sexual repression. But in a way, that only makes things that went on behind closed doors all the kinkier. Most historians now agree that Victorian women with attractive maids at their beck and call engaged in covert Lesbian games at every opportunity. Behind closed doors, in the privacy of their own quarters, bodices were unlaced, knickers removed, bottoms turned upward, and the spankings commenced.

Theologians thundered from their pulpits against the sins of Gomorrah. Members of Parliament invectified against Moral Decay. All to no avail. Once them men vanished on their ships to Parts Unknown, the Victorian Women retired to their parlors and the Sapphic bacchanal would begin.

And if the Lesbian in question happened to be of royal blood, such as Princess Gretchen of Courbourg, a woman better known as the Princess With a Firm Hand, then such a woman could engage in her Lesbian games almost openly.

As for those darling chambermaids, if one of them had Lesbian desires suppressed beneath her bodice, only to have them discovered and awakened by a mistress such as Princess Gretchen, it was a delight not to be missed, an excursion into an erotic wonderland, and this young diarist attests:


That’s Victorian, not Regency. The Pearl regrets its error.

The Princess ordered me to strip nude as she locked and barred the door: she told me to remove every single stitch of clothing—apron, shoes, stockings, shift, and “that hideous dress”—then commanded me to lie face down on the bed. She vanished behind a dressing screen.

I did as instructed, heart pounding and my nether regions warming with rising desire. I couldn’t believe my good fortune as I sprawled naked across the Baroness’ own matrimonial bed, about to engage in forbidden acts of Lesbian lust with this alluring, remarkable Princess! From behind the screen I heard the telltale rustle of her skirts and garments falling away. I moaned from atop the pillow, wiggling my bare mound against the bedspread, full of moist need.

The rustling stopped and she stepped out from behind the screen, magnificent in her nudity. Her pendulous breasts swayed back and forth as she walked, areolas flushed pink to the crimson nubs. Her plump waist, no longer bound by a corset, flared out to strong, ample hips and lovely padded thighs that jiggled as she strutted towards the bed. One hand perched on her hip, while the other dove through the thick forest of brown curls that surmounted her cunny, lewdly stroking and touching herself as she advanced.

“There you are, my after-dinner treat!”

Princess With a Firm Hand is FREE for the next several days. Do not delay in availing yourself of this FREE opportunity. Did we mention it’s FREE?

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