Bunker 69: Futa on Female Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Three hundred years ago, nuclear warfare ended it all. For astronaut Jill Killderry, her return to Earth has been an endless nightmare. Day after day, she fights for survival against bandits, radioactive zombies, and worse. Then one day she hears a mysterious radio signal from Bunker 69…

The women in this subterranean bunker have a problem. A big, growing problem. You might say it’s a futanari problem. And they need a woman like Jill to save them all.

Set in an authentic, post-atomic wasteland, this 11,000-word erotic novelette delivers sex, story and surprises!

 Comment: “You maniacs, you blew it all up. Damn you. Damn you all to hell.”
Free sample after the jump…

Astronaut Jill Kilderry is picking through the rubble of the Portland Hot Zone when she gets an unusual radio transmission…

After a moment, the radio static cleared. A woman’s voice came in clear but frightened. “This is Betty-Sue from Bunker 69. If anyone can hear me, please help us. We have a…proble


The “Trans-Atomic” series logo. Do you see what I did there? Do you see? 🙂

m. A big and growing problem. A futanari problem! And we need help. Female help.”

Jilly frowned. Why would someone in an underground bunker use the radio to ask for help, specifically female help? Every paranoid bone in her body lit up. It sounded like a trap. “Can you pinpoint the signal’s source?”


The woman on the radio continued her plea. “It’s no use for guys to come. I know you want to help, too, but there’s radiation affecting our bunker. It killed all the men here and it kills any men who come. But if there are any women out there, women who can come to Bunker 69. Then please help us. We need you. I’m setting this message to loop… This is Betty-Sue, in Bunker-69. If anyone can hear me…”

Jilly cut the signal. “Those futanari women need help!”

They sure do!


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