Kor the Savage – Reviewed

Google Alerts is supposed to alert me of any Internet activity involving the wondrous and famous Kella Z. Driel name.

Supposed to.

So imagine my surprise when blundering through Facebook I came across a charming, flattering, and altogether lovely review of one of my earlier works of erotic fantasy, by talented auteur and critic Sylvia Storm. While she doesn’t give out numerical or star ratings, she was intrigued by the sexy saga of Kor and its vivid tale:

Savage swords-and-sorcery barbarian meets futanari Amazon chieftain in a violent world?  I’m in.

My general policy towards reviews is simple. I always read every review left by readers, fans, disappointed customers on Amazon, Goodreads, or elsewhere. I take all those reviews seriously and listen to what they have to say and adjust my blurbs and stories to better match their needs. But I don’t respond to them directly. I don’t think it’s professional to argue with readers.

But when I am reviewed on a blog or a print magazine by a professional or even hobbyist reviewer, then I absolutely am happy to share that review here on my blog, too.

So let’s go!

The full, Amazon.com name of the book is Kor the Savage: Barbarian Lust in an Erotic World, which is one of the better titles I’ve ever done since it tells you exactly what you’re getting. That said, I always think of that book as…


Broken_World_ADI picture it  written in all caps with an issue number, because part of its vibe was that 1970s, Marvel Comics, stoner vibe.

But on a deeper level, it draws on pulp fantasy fiction from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, particularly Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and L. Sprague de Camp.

That’s why I  was so pleased when Sylvia picked up on that in her review:

Some of the genre’s tone and color notes are hit upon in this book as well, and it feels like it was written from a fan of the savage swords and sorcery genre. Oppressive cities filled with distrustful citizens, wild plains filled with Amazon tribes and the freedom of the wild, and hideous monsters lurking in dark towers.

The tale does not feel like it was pulled from some tabletop adventure or MMO either, it has a genuine air of authority and honesty written from a fan’s perspective, and it thrills and entertains with its mix of savagery and sexual situations.

True that! In fact, some of the first Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories were the major inspiration for Kor. A diehard could tell you exactly which scenes are nods to which stories. And it’s no secret that the character of  Andara the Red is a subtle nod to the Howard-derived and Marvel Comics-delineated Red Sonja, too. The whole thing is an homage to the undiluted swords-and-sorcery genre before Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons, and World of Warcraft.

But with a hardcore erotic twist. Sex is the main thing here. Hot, dirty sex with well-hung warrior women. No doubt both Conan and Robert E. Howard, himself, would approve.


“Three shemale Red Sonjas fucking” by 34San via Futanari Obsession

Unfortunately, sales of KOR THE SAVAGE never panned out. The lack of a sexy female on the cover didn’t help–to date, this is the only book I believe I’ve done with a male torso doing sales. If there’s any way I could have used something like the above picture as the cover, I would. Even if readers would never got past the cover.

Kidding aside, this story was not the last ride for Kor and his friends. He and the Broken World setting reappeared in other futa, fantasy and genderswap books, in what became the FUTA FANTASY PACK.

That bundle also includes a preview of my next major, futa fantasy epic: ANDARA THE RED, the well-hung amazon who debuted here. Her story is one I’ve thought about and worked on a long time and can’t wait to tell. The problem is her story is just so long, almost a novella. Another issue is that the first draft involved some Gorean-style slavery, which I learned later isn’t allowed on Amazon.

But back to Kor the Savage. Here’s the preview text, the blurb at the front of the book. In this scene, Kor is eating meat around a campfire with the amazon tribe. He puts his own special spin on the process:

“Look what Kor does,” one of the warrior women called out. “He places his meat hunks against the privates of the ale-wench, then devours the morsels. Is this some male custom?”

Kor ripped away another chunk of gazelle flesh. He ran the dripping, sauce-covered meat over the ale wench’s bottom to flavor it then devoured the meat. “It improves the taste,” he said. “Eating gazelle meat every night is like bedding the same wench, it grows old.”

The amazons laughed.

“Kor is inventing new sauces,” called Andara, sitting nude on the chief’s chair on the far side of the fire. Andara too ate a haunch of gazelle meat, while a naked belly dancer moved sinuously in front of her. “He goes to the City of Ator to become a chef!”

Kor grinned and thrust his finger into the giggling wench’s mouth to clean it, then sucked his finger dry. “Such sauces are too earthy for the weaklings of the cities,” he shouted back at her. “Kor shall take whatever flavors he likes from the soft, weak city folk.”

“I have a sauce for Kor,” said one of the warrior women, a slender youth named Suma. She had teak colored skin and the nappy hair of a southerner. Her small, pert breasts bounced as she strolled up, unfettered by clothing. A wisp of loin-cloth hung about her waist, hardly covering her free-swinging shaft.

He grinned as she approached, licking his fingers noisily. “What do you bring for Kor?”

So there you go! Go read some KOR THE SAVAGE today!

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