Sissy Star

He becomes a she…living a pop-star dream!

He’s a regular guy with an acoustic guitar. Then one day Tinker Quick–the world’s most famous country-and-pop superstar–calls him out of the blue. She loves the song he uploaded to YouTube!

Would he like to come over to her studio and make some music? Yes, he would like that.

Will he agree to do whatever her transgender assistant says? Well, sure, why not?

Is he ready to become a feminized, sissified, beautiful pop star at her command? Umm, well…maybe….

So begins a 16,000-word epic of celebrity sex, submissive sissification, and fantasy feminization. Dare to dream a dirty dream!



Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy…

Comment: I hope everyone can figure out which celebrity inspired the character of Tinker Quick, the country & pop musical superstar! The celebrity aspect of this one was fun as you don’t know how those people are in real life so you invent a fictional version of them.

This story ran a lot longer than originally planned and suffered a number of delays and setbacks. A whole subplot with Kenya East got cut.

This is the third out of four in the current sissy series. The ladyboy series has just wrapped up and a new genderswap series starts this weekend.


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