Bangkok Connection

Mike’s a married man, just arrived in Bangkok to teach a corporate seminar. His first class is interrupted by a latecomer, a hot young woman in a sexy skirt. It looks like this ladyboy is dressed with more than human resources on her mind.

From group sessions to whispered confessions, things get steamy and Mike gets a hot date for his first night in Bangkok. But when he finds out what the word ladyboy really means, he’s not sure he can close the deal. Yet watching her tease in her skirt and panties, how can he resist?

This 12,000-word torrid, tropical tale describes in detail a first-time encounter with a member of Thailand’s notorious third sex! It starts off with a tease, works its way through copious foreplay, and winds up with a bang and a very happy ending.



Comment: The protagonist has some fun characterization in this one: he’s the type of Corporate Trainer who loves to spout cliches about reaching for the low-hanging fruit. The love interest Pepper is fun in this one too, she has more personality than most of the prior ladyboys, as will be seen in the upcoming bundle…

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