Must-read transgender erotica for your Lust List!

TRANS PACK collects four complete novelettes of naughty transgender sexual adventures, delivering more than 30,000 words of premium erotica.

Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from different authors together with no connection or quality control.

SMALL_Trans_Pack_v02Not TRANS PACK! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes, all set on the kinky campus of Jefferson Pacific University.

TRANS PACK provides four stories normally priced at 2.99 USD each–and delivers them for 5.99, a 50% SAVINGS. Take a look…

The Secret of Her Panties: Tyler’s a manly college dude who’s got the hots for a cute and quirky Japanese exchange student. They like each other, so what’s the problem? When Tyler finds out his new girlfriend’s transgendered, he enters a new world of erotic discovery.

Head Over High Heels: Rob is working in his uncle’s shoe store, when in walks a woman who will change his life. At least, he assumes it’s a woman–but she turns out to be a he, a crossdressing hottie with a thing for shoes.

I Love My Transgender Lesbian Librarian: Meet Jessica, a transgendered woman with an ample frame. She works in the library. She loves reading Victorian erotica in the library. She furtively masturbates in the library. She fantasizes about being dominated by Anne, her strict, lesbian supervisor—in the library.

Dirty, Rough, Naughty & Taboo: When Tyler laments the loss of his girlfriend, his friends commiserate. But after Sapphire reveals a startling secret that Tyler can’t resist, one thing leads to a night of erotic abandon they will ever forget.


Comment: Bundles are easy to write 🙂 Seriously, this one was fun because all four stories featured interrelated characters, although every stands on its own merits. A fifth story, Sissy Kisses, also fits in this bunch but belongs to the in-progress SISSY STARS series. So there’s a free preview of it in there instead.

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