Bunker 69: Futa on Female Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Three hundred years ago, nuclear warfare ended it all. For astronaut Jill Killderry, her return to Earth has been an endless nightmare. Day after day, she fights for survival against bandits, radioactive zombies, and worse. Then one day she hears a mysterious radio signal from Bunker 69…

The women in this subterranean bunker have a problem. A big, growing problem. You might say it’s a futanari problem. And they need a woman like Jill to save them all.

Set in an authentic, post-atomic wasteland, this 11,000-word erotic novelette delivers sex, story and surprises!

 Comment: “You maniacs, you blew it all up. Damn you. Damn you all to hell.”
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Kor the Savage – Reviewed

Google Alerts is supposed to alert me of any Internet activity involving the wondrous and famous Kella Z. Driel name.

Supposed to.

So imagine my surprise when blundering through Facebook I came across a charming, flattering, and altogether lovely review of one of my earlier works of erotic fantasy, by talented auteur and critic Sylvia Storm. While she doesn’t give out numerical or star ratings, she was intrigued by the sexy saga of Kor and its vivid tale:

Savage swords-and-sorcery barbarian meets futanari Amazon chieftain in a violent world?  I’m in.

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Agent of F.U.T.A.

What sexy secrets are the agents of F.U.T.A. hiding? One woman’s about to find out in this cyber-spunk thriller…

It’s 2096 in San Francisco. Part-time thief Terrie is down on her luck and hungry for a fix. So when her mob contact wants her to steal a mysterious serum from three sexy women, she takes the job. But behind closed doors, she discovers more than she bargained for. Gallons more.

The agents of F.U.T.A. rock her world and Terrie’s love life will never be the same…


Comment: This is the best story I’ve done in a while and a great start to a brand-new series. I’m super happy with it.

It borrows a tiny bit of world-building from the previous PROJECT FUTANARION stories but it’s entirely set in the West, not Japan, with all-new characters, new predicaments, and new fun. Serious new fun. Mind-altering drugs and cyberpunk and androids are just too cool.

I had this one on my schedule for a while but only started it recently. I spent actually 16 hours yesterday finishing the whole thing and getting it published around 3:00 AM. Amazon’s published it just about 30 minutes ago.

Bangkok Bundle

Somewhere in the steamy tropics of Thailand, naughty ladyboys are waiting for you!

These sexy stories of ladyboy encounters are told from a guy’s point of view, describing naughty, surprising and downright raunchy first-time run-ins with Bangkok’s beautiful and bodacious third sex!

BANGKOK BUNDLE walks on the wild side! Take a look at what you get…

  • Bangkok Confession: When the Professor’s plane gets stuck in Bangkok overnight, little does he know an innocent shopping trip will turn into his first time with Thailand’s notorious third sex. But before he knows it, he’s back in his hotel room with one, two, count ‘em three ladyboys. It’s a night he’ll never forget.
  • Bangkok Confidential: College man Luke is on holiday in Bangkok when he wanders into a ladyboy bar by mistake. There, a lovely blonde name Jody shows him her Thai surprise. When she invites him to the short-time room, he just can’t resist. Luke enters a new world of ladyboy loving—the physical kind, bodies twisting in the sheets.
  • Bangkok Connection: Mike’s a married man, just arrived in Bangkok to teach a corporate seminar. His first class is interrupted by a latecomer, a hot young woman in a sexy skirt. This ladyboy is dressed for success, with more than human resources on her mind.
  • Bangkok Cocktails: The book that started it all! After a few trips to the cocktail bar, the sales team hits the beach for a pep talk and a party, a mini-van full of bikini beauties shows up—but which one of these ladies is packing heat?

BANGKOK BUNDLE provides four separate books containing six stories in all. Acquired separately, each book is listed at 2.99 USD—but this bundle delivers all that content—almost 40,000 words worth of ladyboy lovin’—for only 5.99 USD, a 50% SAVINGS.

Take a walk on the wild side—these ladyboys are ready, willing, and able!


Sissy Star

He becomes a she…living a pop-star dream!

He’s a regular guy with an acoustic guitar. Then one day Tinker Quick–the world’s most famous country-and-pop superstar–calls him out of the blue. She loves the song he uploaded to YouTube!

Would he like to come over to her studio and make some music? Yes, he would like that.

Will he agree to do whatever her transgender assistant says? Well, sure, why not?

Is he ready to become a feminized, sissified, beautiful pop star at her command? Umm, well…maybe….

So begins a 16,000-word epic of celebrity sex, submissive sissification, and fantasy feminization. Dare to dream a dirty dream!


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Bangkok Connection

Mike’s a married man, just arrived in Bangkok to teach a corporate seminar. His first class is interrupted by a latecomer, a hot young woman in a sexy skirt. It looks like this ladyboy is dressed with more than human resources on her mind.

From group sessions to whispered confessions, things get steamy and Mike gets a hot date for his first night in Bangkok. But when he finds out what the word ladyboy really means, he’s not sure he can close the deal. Yet watching her tease in her skirt and panties, how can he resist?

This 12,000-word torrid, tropical tale describes in detail a first-time encounter with a member of Thailand’s notorious third sex! It starts off with a tease, works its way through copious foreplay, and winds up with a bang and a very happy ending.



Comment: The protagonist has some fun characterization in this one: he’s the type of Corporate Trainer who loves to spout cliches about reaching for the low-hanging fruit. The love interest Pepper is fun in this one too, she has more personality than most of the prior ladyboys, as will be seen in the upcoming bundle…

Interview: Sally Bend, author and reviewer of TG erotica

Sally Bend is one of the most influential and important reviewers of transgender literature. She’s the assistant editor of Frock Magazine, an award-winning crossgender lifestyle magazine where she reviews transgender literature. Her reviews of erotica can also be found in Transformation, North America’s number one transgender magazine. Her tireless reviewing also appears on Amazon, Goodreads, and her Bending the Bookshelf blog too.

All this makes her something of an authority in the trans-universe, so it’s a great honor to have her sharing her insights here today. Read on after the jump for this extensive and fascinating interview.

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