Interview: Erotica Author Reed James

If you’ve been reading futa, lesbian, and other erotica on Amazon, you’ve likely encountered the name of Reed James. One of the more prolific authors on the market, he’s also one of the best, never failing to disappoint or deliver.

He agreed to do a Q+A style interview with my blog, so here goes! We talk about marketing, writing, and the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe where his stories take place.

Q: You’re one of the most prolific and successful authors of transgender erotica out there. What’s the secret to your amazing output?

A: I don’t have a life! But, really, I treat my writing like a job. I have a schedule I follow and I take it seriously. This is my livelihood, so I spend as much time on it as I can.

nlp-sidebarQ: You’re also friendly and approachable on social media. Can you tell us a bit about your online marketing strategies and how social media fits into it?

A: My marketing strategy has never been all that thought out. Just sharing my books on social media and interacting with other authors. Helping other authors, supporting them, helps us all reach a larger audience. I also do Facebook parties which I find are a great way to meet new readers.

Q: For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe you’ve created.

A: The Aphrodite Sisterhood is a shared universe of futanari stories (futanari, for those who don’t know, are girls with dicks, usually who get them through a magical or sci-fi method and retain their female genitalia). I really like writing about futas and it was fun seeing how this character’s story impacted these other characters then writing about their story. There is also an overarching mythology of competing Greek Gods in the background, the futas belonging to Aphrodite (who is the mother of Hermaphrodite in mythology). It’s a lot of fun to and every time I write a new story, I get ideas for more. I have a document of lots of story ideas, some are quite old, that I hope to write someday.

Q: How many stories have you written in this setting so far?

A: I’m not sure any longer. There is quite a lot of them now. [Editor’s Note: Amazon lists 546+ stories, including anthologies!]

Q: Could you take a guess many different characters have appeared in the universe? How do you keep track of them all?

A: There are easily over a 100 characters in the series. I have notes for them. When I decide to pull out a character, I go to the last story they were in, copy their character notes and then add any updates. Hopefully, it keeps the character consistent.

Q: Do you have a favorite character, a favorite scene, or a preferred genre or type of story?

A: Gwen & Charlize, my futa-scientist, are probably my favorite, with Cheryl-Lyn & Ester, my futa-cowgirls, a close second. I don’t really have a favorite scene or genre for the series. I try to move around and work through as many genres as I can to keep the stories fresh and different.

Q: What world-building or mega-plotting do you do for the Sisterhood stories? Are there specific rules for the magic, for example, or do events in one story ever affect the events in later stories?

A: Some stories are just for fun, and others I write to set up characters and events for the mythology stories, where those other Greek Gods try to ruin the Futas’ fun. My current series, Futa Shifter Discovery, is laying the ground work for a Aphrodite/Selene mythology story. For the last few months I’ve been working towards it. There are specific rules for magic, for how gender-swapping works, for how futas reproduce, and for how servants of other gods work. Like followers of Dioynusus work on ritual magics during orgies. Most stories impact others. The only ones that don’t are the ones at the end of the timeline and I just haven’t written past them.

Q: The transgender genre has a lot of niches inside it: genderswap, futa, sissies, and so on. It also has a lot of crossover with lesbian or pseudo-lesbian. Are there particular niches you prefer and others you dislike?

A: I like futa and gender-swap (with futas). And I do love lesbians and bisexuals. I’ve always had a fondness for lesbian porn over straight porn. I like stories with magic and fantastical elements, so I’m not as much a fan of the more mundane transgender stories. Nothing wrong with them, just not what interests me.

Q: What would be your dream accomplishment as an erotica writer?

A: For HBO to make one of my series into a TV show. I have all the sex and nudity they need. 😉 I think that would be an impressive accomplishment. Some erotica has gone mainstream. Selene Kitt has one of her works being turned into a movie.

Q: Yeah, Babysitting the Baumgartners is a porno, I think. What is your advice to new or aspiring writers of erotica?

A: Writing erotica is not a quick way to earn money. It’s faster than other genres, but you need to build your catalog to see returns. And that takes time. So keep plugging away and don’t stress that your title only sold three copies. Learn about keywords, content guidelines for sites, and write what you find hot. Don’t try to write what is popular. If it excites you, it will excite someone else.

Thanks, James! Be sure to check out James’ blog here or follow him on Twitter or the ‘Zon.


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