Sissy Kisses

Sammy has a secret. Her name is Sapphire. But she’s not real–she’s the woman inside him, the woman he’s always wanted to be. But he’s given up on discovering her. He’s studying mechanical engineering. He’s already engaged. Sapphire is just a crossdressing dream…

Then one day, his bride-to-be discovers his kinky transgender magazine. The discovery leads to questions. Questions lead to embarrassing admissions. And before he knows it, they’re headed to the Sissy Kisses meet-up, looking for a threesome on a night where dreams seem to come true…

If you love intense, emotional, erotic stories of sissification, feminization, and bisexual exploration, then Sissy Kisses is the story with you. Featuring more than 10,000 words and three chapters of ever-increasing heat, everyone’s dreams can come true.


Comment: Sapphire from Head Over High Heels returns, this time with her super-secret origin story! It’s not the last Sapphire story either; she returns in the next piece with Tyler, Kayane, and Jessica. It will be a fun reunion with some recent characters to round out another transgender bundle.

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