An Interview With Kella

Hello to all of you out there in Cloud Cuckoo-Land!

I just finished a short interview over on Angel Rose’s blog, which along with promoting her own excellent steamy romance, also features the occasional interview with authors of erotica, romance, and other spicy genres. It was a nice chance to share some of my recent work as well as answer a few questions about how we take care of business here at the great, Kella Z. Driel, smut factory in the sky.

Here’s a little preview.

What makes erotica different from other genres?

It’s surprisingly forgiving, commercially viable, and quite open to self-publishing, which isn’t true of a lot of genres. True, you have the occasional blockbuster hit like Fifty Shades of Grey, but most erotica is self-published on by professional and semi-professional authors. Another thing is the plotting tends to be a lot easier, at least for me. The person wants to have sex. The person has sex. The end!

Thanks again for the opportunity, Angel! Heaven is missing one of its own. Everyone, you can read the complete interview here.

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