Sissy Summer

“Get out of those male clothes. Those aren’t for you, those are for men. You’re a sissy now.”

Ron’s married to Lily, a powerful attorney and a true alpha-wife. But when she catches him jerking it to sissy websites, she starts a legal motion of her own.

Instead of filing for divorce, she takes him to TS Tasha, the transgender video star and sissification expert. These two strong women soon reduce Ron to putty before building him back as Sissy Rhonda, submissive to all women and pleasing to all men.

This is a 9,000-word tale of erotic feminization, sissification, and one wild ménage-à-trois—it’s one summer day by the pool Rhonda will never forget.

COMMENT: Not sure how the HTML blurb got fuxored up on the page. Le Sigh. It will take at least 24 hours for the fix to get in. Sort of a garish cover too. Meh.

ANYWAY, this is my first ‘sissy’ book in several weeks, a subject I’ve neglected for far too long. So look out for more sissies coming soon!


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