Interview: Erotica Author Reed James

If you’ve been reading futa, lesbian, and other erotica on Amazon, you’ve likely encountered the name of Reed James. One of the more prolific authors on the market, he’s also one of the best, never failing to disappoint or deliver.

He agreed to do a Q+A style interview with my blog, so here goes! We talk about marketing, writing, and the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe where his stories take place.

Q: You’re one of the most prolific and successful authors of transgender erotica out there. What’s the secret to your amazing output?

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Dirty, Rough, Naughty & Taboo

Tyler is a dirty guy. Sapphire loves it rough and naughty. Rob is taboo because he’s into feet. Three lives intertwine. Three sets of desires intersect.

When Tyler laments the loss of his transgender girlfriend, his new friends Rob and Sapphire commiserate. But after Sapphire reveals a startling secret that Tyler can’t resist, one thing leads to another, giving way to a night of erotic abandon none of them will ever forget.

This 7,000-word erotic story features flirtation, teasing, and foreplay, building up to a climactic sexual encounter between one cross-dressing sissy and two men. If you like your stories dirty, rough, naughty and taboo, this is a must-have for your lust list.

Comment: Whatever happened to Tyler after Kayane went back to Japan? Did he forget the woman who changed his life in The Secret of Her Panties? No, but if you can’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.

Bangkok Confidential

College guy meets ladyboy

Luke’s on holiday in Bangkok with one of his college buddies. But one night after he gets separated, he wanders into a ladyboy bar by mistake. There, a lovely blonde name Jody shows him her Thai surprise and teaches him about Thailand’s notorious third sex.

When Jody invites Luke upstairs for a walk on the wild side, he just can’t resist. They head into the short-time room for some authentic local cuisine—of the physical kind, with bodies twisting in sweaty bed sheets.


Comment: The male POV character here Luke first appeared in the genderswap story, Female By Magic, while his buddy Tommy first showed up in Sissy Camp. True dat.

Futa Show & Freebie Fridays

Just a word to the wise, if you’re not already aware…

Every Friday, Bending the Bookshelf posts an update that highlights all of the new releases in the Transgender erotica category.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of my own books is available for FREE this weekend, too! It’s FUTA SHOW: Can he resist the kinky futanari game show?, possibly the craziest Japanese game show you’ve ever read about.

Kinky gameshows aside, the Freebie Friday posts are a great timesaver to find what’s new and an excellent way to stock up on some weekend reading. Or skimming. Or fapping. As the case may be.

Now where did I leave my Kindle?


An Interview With Kella

Hello to all of you out there in Cloud Cuckoo-Land!

I just finished a short interview over on Angel Rose’s blog, which along with promoting her own excellent steamy romance, also features the occasional interview with authors of erotica, romance, and other spicy genres. It was a nice chance to share some of my recent work as well as answer a few questions about how we take care of business here at the great, Kella Z. Driel, smut factory in the sky.

Here’s a little preview.

What makes erotica different from other genres?

It’s surprisingly forgiving, commercially viable, and quite open to self-publishing, which isn’t true of a lot of genres. True, you have the occasional blockbuster hit like Fifty Shades of Grey, but most erotica is self-published on by professional and semi-professional authors. Another thing is the plotting tends to be a lot easier, at least for me. The person wants to have sex. The person has sex. The end!

Thanks again for the opportunity, Angel! Heaven is missing one of its own. Everyone, you can read the complete interview here.

Sissy Kisses

Sammy has a secret. Her name is Sapphire. But she’s not real–she’s the woman inside him, the woman he’s always wanted to be. But he’s given up on discovering her. He’s studying mechanical engineering. He’s already engaged. Sapphire is just a crossdressing dream…

Then one day, his bride-to-be discovers his kinky transgender magazine. The discovery leads to questions. Questions lead to embarrassing admissions. And before he knows it, they’re headed to the Sissy Kisses meet-up, looking for a threesome on a night where dreams seem to come true…

If you love intense, emotional, erotic stories of sissification, feminization, and bisexual exploration, then Sissy Kisses is the story with you. Featuring more than 10,000 words and three chapters of ever-increasing heat, everyone’s dreams can come true.


Comment: Sapphire from Head Over High Heels returns, this time with her super-secret origin story! It’s not the last Sapphire story either; she returns in the next piece with Tyler, Kayane, and Jessica. It will be a fun reunion with some recent characters to round out another transgender bundle.

I Love My Transgender Lesbian Librarian

Meet Jessica, a transgendered woman with an ample frame. She works in the library. She loves reading Victorian erotica in the library. She furtively masturbates in the library. She fantasizes about being dominated by Anne, her strict, lesbian supervisor—in the library.

Enter Kayane: college sophomore. Japanese exchange student. Self-described futa. Aspiring domme. Things are about to heat up in the library and even Jessica doesn’t know what’s on the next page.