Hot Water Bundle

“At first, it trickled out, a few drops previewing the coming flood. Then the trickle became a stream, an arc of golden water squirting like a fountain.”

HOT WATER BUNDLE collects three novelettes of golden delights, a taboo fetish desire:

Hot Water: Wet Lesbian Gold: When Eileen and Mandy hit the gym, things gets steamy. But when Eileen can’t hold it in anymore, Mandy helps her take care of business. The women squat down–and end up in hot water. Come explore a forbidden realm of soaking desire, a wet and kinky world where one woman’s water becomes another woman’s gold.

Hot Water: Truth or Dare: Eileen has a secret. It’s filthy. Nasty. Dirty. She can’t tell her friends that she gets massively turned on watching another woman go, can she? Then Eileen gets drunk and plays truth or dare. The truths get raunchier. The dares get more daring. The desires are burning out of control. She can’t hold it in any longer. Eileen admits her desire. Oops. Do her friends dare play too?

Hot Water: Gold Medal: Shawna wants to join her university’s swim team. Not because she’s into sports but because she’s heard all sorts of wild rumors about it. Nasty rumors. Wicked, vicious, slanderous rumors. About taboo acts. Public deviancy. Wild, group sex. She wants in.


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