The Reviews Are In!

It’s rare for erotica to receive a formal, professional review, let alone one in a print magazine. For the most part, the feedback we do receive comes straight from readers via Amazon, Goodreads, and social media. That’s why it’s so exciting for me to announce that the current issue of Transformation Magazine includes a one page review of Sissy Pack!

If you’re not familiar with the magazine, its tagline is The Future of Gender and it’s the number one-selling print magazine in the US.

The current issue’s description is:

transformation-mag-july-SCelebrate summer with our newest issue of Transformation Magazine featuring smoking hot Tgirls in tiny bikinis showing off their sexy curvy bodies. Our cover model is self-proclaimed “butt slut” Jessica Fappit who is one of the hardest working Tgirls we have ever met. She does porn her own way and creates hot content you will not want to miss!

This issue also contains beautiful models like Athena Addams, Isabella Sorrenti, Robbi Racks, Becca Benz, and many more. Plus, there are regular features like Reader’s Letters, Ask Aunti Randi, Bending the Bookshelf, FTM Focus – Cyd St. Vincent, Tgirls Life by Michelle Austin, events, nightlife, and all the other content you love in a transgender community magazine.

Given the high cost of print of these days and the ensuing premium on editorial space, the magazine’s willingness to devote a monthly, one page column to reviews of transgender erotica is something all authors should be grateful for.

This month’s column reviews Sissy Pack, an anthology of four of my better known sissy novelettes. Here are a few nuggets from the review:

sissypack-review-01Whether your tastes in erotic fiction run more to submissive sissies, elegant transwomen, or fetishistic futas, Kella Z. Driel has a flair for capturing the essence of each fantasy.

Her stories are just that – stories – complete with well-developed characters, complete plot arcs, and (of course) erotic moments. There is a certain narrative style that connects them all, but each is shaped around a main character, whose feminine personality drives the telling …

What defines all these stories, and what makes them so memorable, is the very essence of femininity in each. Driel does a wonderful job of capturing the innocence and freedom of blossoming girlishness, complete with the mannerisms, language, and behavior.

At the same time, the theme of acceptance and focus on sissy empowerment is wonderful. These are stories where our identity defines us, and where questions of gender or orientation rightfully laid aside, along with the discarded trappings of masculinity. It is okay to be a sexual sissy.

Gosh, thanks! Frankly, it was a joy to read this review, not just because of the kind words but because it’s so well written.

SISSY_BUNDLE_v01_200x320The author of this book review column, the indefatigable Sally Bend, also publishes a blog called Bending the Bookshelf that you should be reading. There she provides additional reviews of transgender erotica as well as a regular Freebie Friday piece that brings to your attention all of the new, free books in the transgender erotica category on Amazon.

Locating a copy of Transformation Magazine might be a bit tricky as it’s not likely to be stocked at your local Barnes & Noble. However, you can order directly from the website. Alternately, you can use or a service like Where’s My Magazine or Centurian Publishing’s own Find a Newsstand feature.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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