Futa Elf Wedding

Benny’s addicted to the adult videogame, Epic of Elfcraft, where beautiful futanari elves enjoy erotic adventures. But he’s also bullied by his college roommate.

When Benny’s character marries another futa princess, the bullies strike! Benny wakes up as his character, lost in an erotic fantasy world. He must embark on an epic quest to rescue his beloved. Only then can he choose between the life he knew—and his new existence as a futanari princess.

Futa Elf Wedding is an erotic novelette set in a gritty fantasy world, featuring sex magic, male-to-futanari transformation, sex magic, and kinky fun. A 20,000 word epic, it is intended for mature audiences only.

Hot Water Bundle

“At first, it trickled out, a few drops previewing the coming flood. Then the trickle became a stream, an arc of golden water squirting like a fountain.”

HOT WATER BUNDLE collects three novelettes of golden delights, a taboo fetish desire:

Hot Water: Wet Lesbian Gold: When Eileen and Mandy hit the gym, things gets steamy. But when Eileen can’t hold it in anymore, Mandy helps her take care of business. The women squat down–and end up in hot water. Come explore a forbidden realm of soaking desire, a wet and kinky world where one woman’s water becomes another woman’s gold.

Hot Water: Truth or Dare: Eileen has a secret. It’s filthy. Nasty. Dirty. She can’t tell her friends that she gets massively turned on watching another woman go, can she? Then Eileen gets drunk and plays truth or dare. The truths get raunchier. The dares get more daring. The desires are burning out of control. She can’t hold it in any longer. Eileen admits her desire. Oops. Do her friends dare play too?

Hot Water: Gold Medal: Shawna wants to join her university’s swim team. Not because she’s into sports but because she’s heard all sorts of wild rumors about it. Nasty rumors. Wicked, vicious, slanderous rumors. About taboo acts. Public deviancy. Wild, group sex. She wants in.


Hot Water: Gold Medal

She squatted on the bike path. It looked silvery in the lamplight but I knew it wasn’t water. There goes about $25 of mixed drinks, I thought.

Shawna wants to join her university’s swim team. Not because she’s into sports but because she’s heard all sorts of wild rumors about it. Nasty rumors. Wicked, vicious, slanderous rumors. About taboo acts. Public deviancy. Wild, group sex.

She loves that and she wants in.

Now she’s out drinking with two members of the team. They’re starting to trust her, to open up. But what happens next catches even Shawna by surprise…


The Reviews Are In!

It’s rare for erotica to receive a formal, professional review, let alone one in a print magazine. For the most part, the feedback we do receive comes straight from readers via Amazon, Goodreads, and social media. That’s why it’s so exciting for me to announce that the current issue of Transformation Magazine includes a one page review of Sissy Pack!

If you’re not familiar with the magazine, its tagline is The Future of Gender and it’s the number one-selling print magazine in the US.

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Bangkok Confession

A delay in the Bangkok airport leads to a life-altering encountering with Thailand’s notorious third sex.

Professor Carlson is returning to the U.S. from a conference in India when his plane is held overnight in Bangkok. A stay in the hotel leads to a night on the town, when he ends up at Soi Cowboy, a notorious street packed with nightclubs and go-go bars.

One drink leads to another and before he knows it, he’s back in his hotel room with not just one, not two, but three ladyboys, about to take a walk on the wildest of all sides.


Genderswap Bundle

GENDERSWAP BUNDLE collects four novelettes of gender-bending fun, totaling more than 50,000 words in all. Men become women and women become men in these four erotic frolics:

Gender Genie: Michael is a tense, task-oriented engineer, so he’s thrilled when the genie transforms him into blonde and busty Mikaela, with all her kinky curves and pointed ears. But is he ready to go all the way to get his feminine desires completely fulfilled?

Female By Magic: Percy is an unhappy college bro who spends more times with videogames than at the beach. So the Gender Genie turns Percy into Mercy, a big-breasted, hard-partying, college girl with a wild lesbian streak. But when Mercy’s male roommate takes her for a moonlit walk on the beach, is she ready for her bi side?

Step-Swap: Gender Taboo: Eric’s got the hots for Sharon. He knows it’s wrong, but she looks so right. Even worse, she’s a stripper and a lipstick lesbian that only dates women. Then a Gender-Swap Genie transforms Eric into Erica. His dreams are coming true, but magic always has its price.

Woman By Magic: Donnie wants Lisa. But Lisa tells him she’s a lesbian, crushing his dreams. Time for desperate measures! Donnie steals the Transnomicon from his college library for its gender-swap spell. To his surprise, it works!


Comment: Here are all four Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie stories, collected under one fun cover! She also appears in Futa Elf Switch, but that’s in the Futa Elf series, so astute Gennifer fans will collect them all! 🙂