Sapphic Bundle

SAPPHIC BUNDLE collects three novelettes of Lesbian erotica set in Victorian London, offering more than 37,000 words of Sapphic delights. The corsets come on and the bustles come off in this trilogy of interrelated erotic romps:

Corset House: A Lesbian Mystery: When Miss Quick arrives in London, Sherlock Holmes puts her to work on a Lesbian mystery. A young woman has vanished into Corset House—where only women are admitted and shocking vices are explored. Behind each door is a forbidden delight, each raunchier than the last, a tour-de-force of Lesbian kink. Can Miss Quick solve The Corset House Mystery?

Princess With a Firm Hand: A chance encounter between a chambermaid and a domineering princess leads to forbidden Lesbian desires, where one woman’s hand upon another’s rear becomes the unadulterated, undiminished, unrestrained worship and satisfaction of delectable derrières!

Venus Pearl: Lesbian Detective: When a Lesbian princess is abducted by corseted Amazons, Sherlock Holmes assigns the problem to the plucky Miss Quick. The trail leads into a shocking underworld of Lesbian kink and domination, each vice-den raunchier and more shocking than the last, culminating in a filthy cart race with nary a pony in sight. How will Miss Quick get a handle on this hairy case?

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