SISSY BUNDLE collects four complete novelettes of naughty sissy stories, delivering more than 45,000 words of premium erotica in one easy-to-read anthology. All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes. They are all at least 10,000 words too, providing a deep, long-lasting, and satisfying erotic journey.

SISSY BUNDLE provides four stories normally priced at 2.99 USD each—and delivers them for 5.99, a 50% SAVINGS. Take a look…

Sissy Secretary: Taking Dictation: James is an inadequate male, but he’s not gay, is he? So why does billionaire lawyer Richard Johnson III make his heart pound—why does he crave attention from the alpha male? After he fails to impress, Richard gives James a classified ad for his firm—they’re hiring a sissy secretary! The ad triggers a powerful response in James, waking the sissy within.

Sissy Wedding: Black, brawny Franklin and white, scrawny Aaron need money for their startup. Franklin will inherit $1 million if he marries today. The wedding’s set and Aaron’s the best man.
Then the bride backs out! To save the company, Aaron is sissified into a blushing bride. He’s not enjoying it, is he? Even worse, the lawyers have to make sure the marriage is consummated!

Sissy House: Nigel is a British wastrel, too feeble to work and too lazy for university. His parents ship him off to the Rosebottom Academy for Sissification. There, big, beautiful schoolmarms take their firm and dominant hands to his wayward rear, teaching Nigel the meaning of the school motto: Spank the maleness away! He becomes Nikki Knickers, a flirty tart: obedient to all women, pleasing to all men!

Topped by the Brat: Professor Roger has a secret: He’s the sissified plaything of his young college age mistress. Kendra is a hard-partying college domme, who spends all Roger’s money on booze, drugs, clothes, and parties for her girlfriends. Roger feels neglected and unloved. Can big, beautiful Dr. Mallory intervene with a firm hand and some tough love?


Comment: This bundle includes four previously published short form sissy erotica novelettes, obviously. The fun bonus material this time includes Professor Cortland’s “Weird String” theory, a page from billionaire Richard Johnson’s day planner, and some of the Rules of the Rosebottom Academy.


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