Sissy Wedding

Black, brawny Franklin and white, scrawny Aaron need money for their startup. Fortunately, Franklin will inherit $1 million as long as he gets married today. The wedding’s set and Aaron’s the best man.

Suddenly, Franklin’s fiancee backs out! Uh oh! Who’s left to wear the wedding gown? Everyone looks at Aaron. It’s just for business, right? He can take one for the team.

Sissy makeover! Aaron becomes Erin, sissified into a blushing bride. He’s not enjoying this, is he? And why is Franklin looking at him like that?

And hey! Nobody warned him the lawyers are coming on the honeymoon to ensure the marriage is consummated!


Comment:  You might be wondering, come on now Kella Z. Driel, nobody has to get married to get $1 million. Well, unfortunately Franklin’s uncle was a big fan of Scooby-Doo and his wills were full of ridiculous stipulations like that. Franklin’s sister had to sleep in a haunted house to get her share of the money. Franklin probably got the better deal, come to think of it.

This is a fun story, including some of the characters from Sissy Secretary as minor characters. It takes place in Searose, the suburb near Jeff Pac U.

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