Sissy Secretary

Wanted: Sissy Secretary
Duties: Filing, serving coffee, and taking dictation
Dress code: Short skirt, no panties

James is an inadequate male, but he’s not gay, is he? So why does billionaire lawyer Richard Johnson III make his heart pound–why does he crave attention from the alpha male?

After he fails to impress, Richard gives James a classified ad for his firm–they’re hiring a sissy secretary! The ad triggers a powerful response in James, waking the power bottom within.

James rushes to the Rosebottom Academy for a total sissy makeover. It’s a crash course in feminization, sissification and bisexual submission. But will Jamie nail the job interview–or will the men giving the interview nail him?

This is a 13,000 word novelette of intense transformation so real you’d swear you were getting spanked!

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