Woman By Magic

Donnie wants Lisa. But Lisa tells him she’s a lesbian, crushing his dreams. But wait, there’s one last chance! He steals the Transnomicon from his college library. It’s a magic book with a gender-swap spell.

To his surprise, it works. Almost. It summons a well-hung gender genie, who makes him a woman–for a price. Donnie agrees, and he becomes a she–the hard way. He sets off to indulge his lesbian desires–but the next woman he meets also has surprise! After that, things get really weird.

Woman by Magic is an erotic tale of gender transformation, full of twists and turns, ups and downs, magic and mystery: it is one man’s shocking odyssey into the depths of gender and beyond.


Comment:  This story plays with the genderswap-by-magic trope and its inherent lack of realism by having the protagonist–who’s been turned into a woman by magic–run into a genuine transgender woman who has no such advantage and can’t help but feel a bit put out by the unfairness of the all.
Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie is confronted about this seeming injustice, and she’s forced to explain why she genderswaps random people and not transgendered people who would want to be magically changed into another sex…

Futa Elf Switch

Mike leads a guild of muscular barbarians in a fantasy game. His guild trolls the pretty, gay elves and causes chaos. No homo.

But after a successful raid, he’s confronted by a beautiful, blonde gender genie about his gaming crimes. Even worse, she transports him to the game world where he’s transformed into a futanari elf!

Now Mike has an identity crisis. Is he a barbarian warrior, a futanari elf, or just a modern guy giving in to well-hung temptation in a kinky fantasy world?

Futa Elf Switch is an erotic 20,000-word epic featuring futanari elves, shirtless barbarians, and a gender-swap genie. This is one wet, wild, one-handed adventure you have to read to believe.


Sapphic Bundle

SAPPHIC BUNDLE collects three novelettes of Lesbian erotica set in Victorian London, offering more than 37,000 words of Sapphic delights. The corsets come on and the bustles come off in this trilogy of interrelated erotic romps:

Corset House: A Lesbian Mystery: When Miss Quick arrives in London, Sherlock Holmes puts her to work on a Lesbian mystery. A young woman has vanished into Corset House—where only women are admitted and shocking vices are explored. Behind each door is a forbidden delight, each raunchier than the last, a tour-de-force of Lesbian kink. Can Miss Quick solve The Corset House Mystery?

Princess With a Firm Hand: A chance encounter between a chambermaid and a domineering princess leads to forbidden Lesbian desires, where one woman’s hand upon another’s rear becomes the unadulterated, undiminished, unrestrained worship and satisfaction of delectable derrières!

Venus Pearl: Lesbian Detective: When a Lesbian princess is abducted by corseted Amazons, Sherlock Holmes assigns the problem to the plucky Miss Quick. The trail leads into a shocking underworld of Lesbian kink and domination, each vice-den raunchier and more shocking than the last, culminating in a filthy cart race with nary a pony in sight. How will Miss Quick get a handle on this hairy case?

Venus Pearl

Miss Minerva Quick is a plucky chambermaid working at 221B Baker Street. On occasion, she lends her special talents to her world-famous employer.

Another maid appears, terrified because her employer, a big, beautiful German princess, has vanished. The only clue is a mysterious merkin, a pubic wig left behind on the scene of the abduction. The trail leads Miss Quick into a shocking underworld of Lesbian kink and domination, each den of vice raunchier and more shocking than the last, culminating in a filthy cart race with nary a pony in sight.

Can Miss Quick get to the bottom of this hairy case? Can she solve The Venus Pearl Mystery?


Comment: the long-awaited sequel to CORSET HOUSE!

Head Over High Heels

He meets a kinky crossdresser in a shoe store.

Rob is a college student working in his uncle’s Korean shoe store, when in walks a woman wearing sexy boots who will change his life. At least, he assumes it’s a woman–but she turns out to be a he, a crossdressing hottie with a thing for shoes.

What follows is the most erotic encounter of his life, when his kinky new customer tries on new shoes, models them, and ultimately reveals her secret. Things heat up fast, moving from a foot massage to a leg show to a full-body customer service that leaves Rob with a happy ending.



SISSY BUNDLE collects four complete novelettes of naughty sissy stories, delivering more than 45,000 words of premium erotica in one easy-to-read anthology. All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes. They are all at least 10,000 words too, providing a deep, long-lasting, and satisfying erotic journey.
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Sissy Wedding

Black, brawny Franklin and white, scrawny Aaron need money for their startup. Fortunately, Franklin will inherit $1 million as long as he gets married today. The wedding’s set and Aaron’s the best man.

Suddenly, Franklin’s fiancee backs out! Uh oh! Who’s left to wear the wedding gown? Everyone looks at Aaron. It’s just for business, right? He can take one for the team.

Sissy makeover! Aaron becomes Erin, sissified into a blushing bride. He’s not enjoying this, is he? And why is Franklin looking at him like that?

And hey! Nobody warned him the lawyers are coming on the honeymoon to ensure the marriage is consummated!


Comment:  You might be wondering, come on now Kella Z. Driel, nobody has to get married to get $1 million. Well, unfortunately Franklin’s uncle was a big fan of Scooby-Doo and his wills were full of ridiculous stipulations like that. Franklin’s sister had to sleep in a haunted house to get her share of the money. Franklin probably got the better deal, come to think of it.

This is a fun story, including some of the characters from Sissy Secretary as minor characters. It takes place in Searose, the suburb near Jeff Pac U.