Step-Swap: Gender Taboo: An erotic fairy-tale of lesbian lust and illicit desire.

“Wishes can come true,” said Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie, changing him into a curvy, young woman.

Eric’s got the hots for his 19-year-old step-sister, Sharon. He knows it’s wrong, but she looks so right. Even worse, she’s a stripper and a lipstick lesbian that only dates women. This hopeless web of desire has him ready to explode.

Then Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie shows up, transforming Eric into Erica with her genie magic. His new self hits it off with Sharon right away. Sharon even helps him get a job at her strip club. His dreams are coming true, but magic always has its price.

Kella Z. Driel’s latest tale of gender-swapping fun ventures into bold, new territory, where lesbian lust is on fire and forbidden yearnings are unleashed. This original novelette contains adult content and is about twelve thousand words.

Step-Swap: Gender Taboo — out now

Comment: This story focuses more on lesbian desires than many of my recent books. It’s also set in a more blue-collar type environment than the college books, which adds some nice variety. It’s my first trailer park tale!

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